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Substation automation uses substation and feeder operating functions and applications to optimize the management of capital assets and enhance operation and maintenance efficiencies with minimal human intervention.


SEL Engineering Services employs expert personnel to design and deploy complete SCADA systems that monitor and control your systems or processes.

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Automation Appliances and Computing

SEL automation controllers provide reliable computing in substation and industrial environments and have robust technology that supports demanding automation applications.

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Data Concentration

Communicate with any device through built-in client and server protocols. Convert data between protocols, perform math and logic functions, and execute output logic for real-time control.

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Improve situational awareness, efficiency, and safety with SEL annunciators that provide local indication of alarm conditions.

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Precise Timing

Precise timing is achieved using satellite clocks, which process signals from Global Navigation Satellite Systems, such as GPS, and output time to power system devices using IRIG-B, the Precision Time Protocol (PTP), and the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

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Pump Management

SEL hardened pump management solutions provide advanced automation and control capabilities that help improve the reliability, security, and efficiency of pump applications.

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