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Rack-Mount Rugged Computer

Designed as a server-class computer, the tough SEL-3355 Computer is built to withstand harsh environments in utility substations and industrial control and automation systems. By eliminating all moving parts, including rotating hard drives and fans, and using error-correcting code (ECC) memory technology, SEL computers have over ten times the mean time between failures (MTBF) of typical industrial computers. Designed, manufactured, and tested to the same standards as our protective relays, every SEL-3355 comes with an unprecedented ten-year, worldwide SEL warranty.

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3,250 USD

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Industrial Automation Platform—Deploy complete automation control and operator station functionality in a single package directly to the plant floor without the concern of environmental conditions. SEL rugged computers are powerful and reliable computing platforms that support soft programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and operator human-machine interface (HMI) control engines. Design engineers can leverage virtual machine (VM) resources integrated into the chipset of SEL computers to reduce project costs. The SEL computers are available with a 2.5 GHz (dual-core) or a 2.1 GHz (quad-core) Intel Core i7 processor to meet the needs of even the most demanding computing applications.

HMI Visualization, Monitoring, and Control—Make a secure system visualization, monitoring, and control point for your substation or plant. Leverage CIS Security Benchmarks settings to meet NERC CIP and other industry compliance.

Information Processor: Data Concentrator/Protocol Converter—Collect and format relay data for legacy remote terminal units (RTUs), and send the data directly to SCADA systems using legacy protocols. Leverage multiple paths for data access. Collect data at one rate, and service them to any client via any supported protocol.

Centralized Authentication Server—Extend central authentication to your branch office or substation by logging in with enterprise credentials and using the same account throughout your network. Set up role-based access controls, and employ high-availability services for always-on service.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Software Appliance—Whether you are currently shipping a tough appliance, thinking about deploying your software as a dedicated appliance for rugged environments, or just at the idea stage, consider reselling the SEL-3355 with a custom overlay specially crafted for your business.

Synchrophasor Archiver, Server, and Console—Install a single rugged computing platform to concentrate, archive, and display synchronized phasor measurements from a wide area with SEL-5073 synchroWAVe Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) Software. Implement RAID capabilities to provide the fastest and most reliable database storage.

Engineering Workstation—Meet or exceed IEEE 1613 and protective relay specifications for harsh environments with any SEL rugged computer, made to withstand vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperatures. Access the engineering workstation remotely and securely using Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop tunneled over IPsec or through Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) with remote KVM over IP.




SEL-3355 Computer Rugged, Reliable Design

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SEL-3355 Computer Rugged, Reliable Design

SEL-3355 Computer Thermal Management

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SEL-3355 Computer Thermal Management

SEL-3355 Computer Design and Testing

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SEL-3355 Computer Design and Testing

How to Use SEL Backup and Recovery Tool

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How to Use SEL Backup and Recovery Tool

Industrial computer systems require 24/7 availability and ease of service when necessary. SEL computers are server-class solutions with respect to RAS—reliability, availability, and serviceability. The SEL-3355 satisfies these server-class requirements with the following:

SEL designs, manufactures, and tests every dependable computer in-house. Our computing systems currently have an MTBF of over 100 years, ten times higher than that of the typical industrial computer. And, SEL computers are backed by a ten-year, no-questions-asked warranty.

Designed to keep your system operational for longer periods, the SEL-3355 can be optioned with dual load-sharing power supplies and a RAID-configurable, four-bay solid-state drive (SSD) enclosure. The SEL-3355 includes an Intel Core i7 multicore processor. SEL computers also feature SEL’s unique system monitor (SysMon) with a watchdog timer.

Intel AMT allows logs to be viewed for evaluation and service even when the unit is powered off. Users can reboot into another operating system (OS) for diagnostics or to batch software and then bring the system back online, all remotely. Additionally, SEL’s SysMon logs computer events specific to the installed system to aid in quick recovery.

Robust Hardware Design
SEL computers are designed for maximum reliability, with no fans or moving parts, and are backed by a ten-year warranty. The SEL-3355 has a durable power supply, an advanced thermal management system, error-correcting memory, and single-level cell (SLC) SSD's to provide reliable operation in the harshest environments.

Reliable Operation—Meets IEEE 1613, IEEE C37.90, and IEC 60255 Protective Relay Standards
Install the SEL-3355 in harsh environments. It is designed to withstand 15 kV electrostatic discharge, fast transients, radiated emissions, up to 15 g shock, seismic and sustained vibration, overcurrent, dielectric strength, and pulse magnetic field disturbances.

Wide-Range Power Supply
Power supply supports 120/240 Vac or 125/250 Vdc. Choose two supplies, and use one power supply with 120 Vac and the other with 125 Vdc for backup.

Watchdog Functionality
Monitor and alarm for numerous system services and conditions with an embedded controller that provides an extra level of computer system reliability. The embedded controller includes a programmable system monitor interface and alarm configuration.

High-Performance Intel Core i7 Multicore Processor
The SEL-3355 features a next generation Intel processor with Intel vPro™ technology and up to 16 GB ECC RAM, providing the power you need for any application.

Multiple I/O Ports
Directly connect to various local peripherals and high-speed network interfaces with two Ethernet ports, audio I/O, six USB ports, three video ports, and two serial ports.

Flexibility With PCI Slots
With four PCI Express and one legacy PCI expansion slots, add additional serial ports, Ethernet ports, I/O, or other PCI Express cards that your application requires.

Operating System Choices
The SEL-3355 may be purchased as hardware only, or with a variety of modern Microsoft Windows operating systems to provide extreme flexibility and functionality along with enhanced security features.

Large Storage Capacity
Choose the SSD for your application. With a four-drive SSD bay, you can create one large volume or configure a typical RAID system that provides redundant and more reliable storage.

  • Operating Systems
    Microsoft Windows 10 loT Enterprise LTSB
    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (CALs required*)
    Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (CALs required*)
    Linux (drivers available)
  • Processor
    Dual-core 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processor is standard. Optional quad-core 2.1 GHz Intel Core i7 processor is available.
  • Memory
    4GB ECC RAM is standard. Choose up to 16 GB of ECC RAM.
  • Storage Options
    Choose up to four solid-state drives (SSDs): 30, 60, 120, or 250 GB capacity per drive
  • Power Supply
    Choose one or two:
    125/250 Vdc or 120/240 Vac
  • PCIe Expansion Cards
    4-port Ethernet adapter card (add up to 2)
    6-port serial adapter card (add up to 4)
  • Conformal Coating
    Protect equipment from harsh environments and airborne contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, salt, and moisture. Learn more about conformal coating.



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Minimum QuickSet Version

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