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SEL Blueframe

Application Platform

The Blueframe application platform is an embedded container-based operational technology (OT) system for operating SEL Blueframe-enabled applications. Designed to manage and exchange data seamlessly between supported applications, Blueframe runs on our secure OS that minimizes the attack surface and includes several security measures, like allow listing, to prevent unauthorized access and attacks. Scalable and customizable, Blueframe can be installed on SEL automation controllers (e.g., SEL-3355, SEL-3360, and SEL-3350) or deployed in virtual environments to help ensure the availability of your system in a variety of demanding applications and environments. 

Starting At

$1,000 USD

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Request a Follow-Up

Secure—Employ secure methods to share information between applications. Blueframe applications can only access the data they are permitted to retrieve. Efficient and restricted data exchange allows each application to specialize and provide value-added services to the overall solution.

Flexible—Tailor your system with the applications and hardware you need. Choose from SEL automation controllers to get the hardware that best fits your requirements and budget, or deploy Blueframe in a virtual environment with a subscription contract.

Versatile—Simplify and centralize user access permissions, security parameters, and IED data management with a single, user-friendly, consolidated interface to perform different tasks based on the applications deployed. Blueframe also enables you to customize the system functionality by adding more modular applications.

Scalable—Support installations of any size with an economical solution for both small and large systems. Change the applications to accommodate your system’s evolving needs. You can also readily scale from one or two targeted applications to multiple application suites.

System Architecture

The Blueframe application platform is part of SEL’s modular application environment. This system consists of:

Applications and Tools


SEL Automation Controller or Virtual Deployment

Blueframe Ecosystem Visual


    1. 1

      User-Focused Interface

      The intuitive interface facilitates user preferences and enables you to quickly find and manage content.

    2. 2

      Management Tools

      Use the tools to configure security, users, communications, and system settings once to be used by various applications across the platform. You can also manage resources, logs, and security certificates.

    3. 3

      Specialized Applications

      Blueframe container-based applications are designed to be modular to perform specific functions. They seamlessly and securely share common information throughout the platform using automation and smart data subscriptions to save you configuration time and effort.

    4. 4

      Secure User Interface

      Blueframe runs on a secure Linux operating system that employs containerized applications. All applications must be signed and verified to run on the platform.

    5. 5

      User Roles

      Roles are defined with access permissions so that a user only has access to exactly what they need.

    1. 1

      User Roles

      Apply custom user roles for permissions management and application access permissions.

    2. 2

      Role Members

      Easily add or remove users from each group.

    3. 3

      Application Access

      Provide different access options for each application, and define access to applications per role.

    1. 1

      Application Packages

      View application packages, their installed version, and the package status for all presently uploaded packages.

    2. 2

      Application Details

      Control your versions, verify services, and queue package upgrades for installation at a convenient time from one location in the platform.



Blueframe Applications

Blueframe applications are designed to be modular. Each application achieves a specific purpose, yet they all share common data using smart data subscriptions throughout the platform to save you time and effort. Click the links below to learn more about the supported Blueframe applications.

Data Management and Automation (DMA)
Software-Defined Network Flow Controller

Blueframe Hardware

Blueframe can run on any SEL automation controller, helping ensure the availability of your system in the most demanding applications and environments. Select the right hardware for your application from our automation controller models, which feature a variety of processing powers, drives, storage (memory modules), expansion capabilities, and form factors.

Learn more about SEL automation controllers:

SEL-3350 Automation Controller (New)
SEL-3355 Automation Controller
SEL-3360 Automation Controller

Blueframe may also be virtualized on non-SEL server-grade hardware with a subscription contract. To learn more about virtualized Blueframe deployments, contact your local support.

Video Playlists

Videos in this series:

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  • SEL Blueframe—Users and Roles
  • SEL Blueframe—Application Management and Licensing
  • SEL Blueframe—Cybersecurity Features
  • SEL Blueframe—Security Logs Overview
  • SEL Blueframe—Resource Management

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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