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Product Feature Comparisons

TitleProducts IncludedPDF DownloadWebpage
Annunciation and Notification Features2522, 2523, 2533, 2506, 2516, 2595Comparison TableWebpage
Automation Controllers Features3555, 3530, 3530-4, 2240, 3505, 3505-3, 2032Comparison TableWebpage
Breaker Failure and Capacitor Bank Protection Features352, 451, 487B, 487V Webpage
Bus Protection Features387, 487B, 487E, 587Z Webpage
Distribution Control Features351RS Kestral, 351R, 651R, 651RA, 734BComparison TableWebpage
Distribution Feeder Protection Features451, 351, 351A, 351S, 751, 751A, 501/501-2, 551/551CComparison TableWebpage
Generator and Motor Features300G, 700G, 700GT, 700GW, 2664S, 710/710-5, 749M, 849Comparison TableWebpage
I/O Processor and Controller Features2240, 2411, 2440, 2505, 2506, 2515, 2516, 2595Comparison TableWebpage
Meter Features734, 735 Webpage
Precise Time Features2401, 2404, 2407, 3400, 3401, ICON, 2488Comparison TableWebpage
SEL-751 and SEL-751A Features751, 751A Webpage
Transceivers and Interface Converters Features2800, 2810, 2812, 9220, 2814, 2815, 2820, 2824, 2829, 2830, 2831, 2894, 3094Comparison TableWebpage
Transformer Protection and Monitoring Features487E, 387E, 387, 387A, 787, 787-3E/-3S/-4X, 587, 2414Comparison TableWebpage
Transmission and Subtransmission Features411L, 421, 311C, 311L, 387L, 321Comparison TableWebpage
WAN and LAN Network FeaturesICON, 3620, 3622, 3610, 2725, 2730M, 2740M, 2740S, 2890Comparison TableWebpage
Wireless Communications Features3031, 3060, 2924, 2925Comparison TableWebpage



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