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Synchrowave Software Comparison

FeatureSynchrowave Monitoring—
Trending and Archiving Application Package
Synchrowave Operations—
WASA Application Package
synchroWAVe Central—
WASA License
synchroWAVe Central—
Disturbance Monitoring License
Real-Time and Historic Trending
Time-Series Historian
IEEE C37.118 Reader
Role-Based Access Control 
CSV and COMTRADE Data Export
Dashboard Visualization
Numeric Panel
Time-Series Trend Panel
Phasor Scope Panel
Event Report Integration
Web Client Oscillography Analysis  
Automatic Disturbance Detection 
Geospatial Display  
Power Flow  
Modal Analysis  
Failover and Redundancy  
Bar Chart Panel 
Dial Panel   
Table Panel   
XY Chart Panel   
Histogram Panel   
One-Line Diagram Panel   
Real-Time Calculation Engine   
OSI PI Reader   
IEEE P2664 STTP Reader   
Frequency, Voltage, Power, Phase Angle Difference, Modal Analysis, and Custom Threshold Event Detection   
Operating SystemWindowsWindows or LinuxWindowsWindows
Web Browser SupportGoogle Chrome and Microsoft EdgeGoogle Chrome and Microsoft EdgeInternet ExplorerInternet Explorer


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