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SEL-2414 Transformer Monitor Enhancements: Color Touchscreen and More
Apr 4, 2024

The SEL-2414 Transformer Monitor now offers a five-inch color touchscreen option, an enhanced processor, and IEC 61850 enhancements.


VMware Certification for SEL-3355-2 and SEL-3390E4 Driver
Mar 29, 2024

The SEL-3355-2 computing platform is now VMware-certified. We’ve also released a VMware-certified driver for the SEL-3390E4 Ethernet card.


Redundancy Feature Released for SEL Blueframe
Feb 27, 2024
Built-in redundancy for SEL Blueframe minimizes downtime during unexpected failures or system upgrades. The feature is currently available for Blueframe virtual machine deployments and will soon become available for deployments on SEL computing platforms.
RTAC Firmware R152—New Features and Enhancements
Dec 11, 2023

RTAC Firmware version R152 is now available and includes Continuous Recording Groups, Grid Connect enhancements, and more.

Grid Connect Enhancements Released
Nov 22, 2023
Support added for backup reciprocating generators and islanded power management; new library extension coming soon
Key Enhancements Released for Digital Fault Recorder Solutions
Oct 24, 2023
Configure a DFR in minutes with a new library extension, and continuously record oscillography at 3 kHz.
New to FLISR: GIS Data Integration and More
Sep 20, 2023

We’ve rolled out enhancements to FLISR on SEL Blueframe, including automatic configuration using GIS data.

DMA Enhancements Simplify and Broaden Options for Data Collection
Aug 22, 2023
The latest release for the DMA application suite expands support for traversing communication networks, simplifies automated data collection, and broadens options for data collection.
PRP Driver Supports SEL Computing Platforms
Aug 22, 2023
Add Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support to SEL computing platforms using the SEL-5815 PRP Driver for Windows.
SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller Gets CPU Upgrade
Aug 22, 2023
The SEL-2411 Programmable Automation Controller is now shipping with a new CPU component—an upgrade that addresses part supply chain challenges, increases processing power, and enables future enhancements.
Settings Compare Feature Added to DMA Configuration Monitoring Archive
Aug 10, 2023
Users can now compare a device’s current and past settings—allowing them to easily identify changes—in the Configuration Monitoring Archive application for the DMA application suite.
Introducing Blueframe Resource Viewer—A New Application Supporting Compliance and Troubleshooting
Aug 4, 2023
Resource Viewer, a new application for SEL Blueframe, allows users to easily review the state of their deployed devices and identify any issues that require attention. 
Blueframe Expands Hypervisor Support With Hyper-V
Aug 4, 2023
We’ve added Microsoft Hyper-V as an option for running the SEL Blueframe application platform as a virtual machine.
Introducing a 19.5-Inch Touchscreen Monitor Kit for SEL Automation and Computing Platforms
Jul 27, 2023

We’ve introduced a new touchscreen monitor kit for SEL automation and computing platforms. Kits include the Elo 19.5" touchscreen monitor and all components needed to install it into a standard 19" rack. 

SEL-3350 3U Joins the SEL Automation Family
Apr 4, 2023

SEL recently released a 3U form factor for the SEL-3350, which can be configured—and easily reconfigured—as an RTAC, an SEL Blueframe application platform, or a Linux- or Microsoft Windows-based computer.

SEL Backup and Recovery Tool: Now With Several Enhancements
Mar 6, 2023
The latest update to SEL’s Backup and Recovery Tool (BaRT) has several new enhancements, making this tool even quicker, simpler, and more secure.
SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller—New Feature Release
Feb 15, 2023
The latest updates to the SEL-5056 Flow Controller allow you to import IEC 61850 and Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) connection services files for streamlined network communication configuration—saving time and resources and improving accuracy.
Conversion Kits Allow Substation Upgrades Without Expensive Hardware Changes
Jan 20, 2023

Our new conversion kits allow any modern SEL computing platform to be upgraded with the latest SEL operating systems.

Secure, Automated Password Rotation With Credential Management on SEL Blueframe
Jan 20, 2023
DMA Credential Management, SEL’s first software-based password rotation solution, simplifies asset management and supports compliance and cybersecurity efforts.
Profiles and Templates: New to Blueframe’s Resource Management Application
Dec 14, 2022
A new function in the Resource Management application on the SEL Blueframe platform adds consistency and efficiency to your system, no matter the scale.
Blueframe Enhances Point Checkout Capabilities with New Data Viewer Application and FLISR Commissioning Tools
Dec 14, 2022
SEL has released Data Viewer, a new core application for Blueframe that provides detailed status information about all data points within Blueframe.
Making Distribution Automation Easier: SEL Deploys FLISR Advisory Mode
Dec 14, 2022
The FLISR application on SEL Blueframe can now be deployed in Advisory Mode, in which the system provides recommended switching sequences instead of taking automated action.
RTAC Firmware R151–New Features and Enhancements
Dec 14, 2022
RTAC Firmware Version R151 is now available and offers several enhancements and new features, including an advanced SEO log.
Custom Monitoring: New to the DMA Application Suite
Nov 16, 2022

Custom Monitoring, a new package in the Data Management and Automation (DMA) suite on SEL Blueframe, allows users to schedule automated collection of files or command results.

New Microsoft Windows Factory Ordering Options for the SEL Computing Platforms
Aug 26, 2022

SEL has added two new factory computing platform operating system ordering options. Both new OS releases offer longer support life cycles and several new features and capabilities.

RTAC Firmware R150—New Features and Enhancements
Jun 22, 2022
RTAC firmware version R150 is now available, offering several new features and enhancements, such as support for OPC UA server and enhancements for IEC 61850 GOOSE and MMS.
A Next-Generation Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR) Solution
Jun 21, 2022
SEL’s new FLISR solution is now available on the Blueframe application platform. Part of the Distribution Management System (DMS) application suite, this FLISR solution is simple to configure and drastically minimizes customer outage time during a permanent fault.
Protocol Services—New to SEL Blueframe
Jun 10, 2022
Protocol Services on SEL Blueframe is an ideal application for collecting and concentrating data from IEDs and remote systems across a wide area when only a virtual, software-based solution will scale.
New to the SEL Blueframe Application Platform—Direct Resource Access
Jun 1, 2022
Direct Resource Access on SEL Blueframe offers secure engineering access where commands can be issued, device information verified, files downloaded, and more.
Easily Install Device Drivers for Your SEL Linux Computing Platform
May 11, 2022
Customers can now install device drivers for the SEL-3300 series from SEL’s Linux repositories.
Factory-Assembled SEL-2240 Axion Nodes
May 11, 2022
SEL now offers a configuration option for the SEL-2240 Axion that includes complete node assembly. SEL will assemble your Axion node in the factory and ship it to you in a single box.
New Falling Conductor Mitigation Solution Available in the RTAC
May 4, 2022
SEL’s falling conductor mitigation solution detects and de-energizes falling conductors before they hit the ground, preventing high-impedance ground faults and eliminating the risk of wildfire.
Introducing the Axion Bay Controller
Nov 19, 2021

SEL’s new Axion Bay Controller offers a complete bay control solution for control and monitoring of multiple bays from a single device.

RTAC Firmware R149 Is Available
Nov 18, 2021

There have been several updates to the various versions of the Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) platform, including added support, updated BIOS, enhancements, and more.

OT SDN Launches on Blueframe
Nov 17, 2021

SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller is a no-cost application for the SEL Blueframe platform, allowing distribution of flow controllers to the field edge in the same environmentally challenging facilities the software-defined network (SDN) switches are deployed.

New Enhancements for the SEL-2414 Transformer Monitor
Nov 16, 2021

A recent firmware release for the SEL-2414 Transformer Monitor delivers several major updates and new features.

Release of the SEL-3390T Time and Ethernet Adapter Card
Nov 15, 2021

SEL has released the SEL-3390T Time and Ethernet Adapter Card, a BNC connector for IRIG-B for the SEL-3355  and the SEL-3360E Automation Controllers.

Blueframe Application Platform—New Operational Technology (OT) Solution
Nov 12, 2021

The Blueframe application platform is a secure, modern platform with specialized applications designed to support the demands of OT systems. Its first applications are in the Data Management and Automation suite, with more applications to come.

The New SEL-3350 Automation Controller
Nov 11, 2021

The SEL-3350 is a versatile controller—configurable from the factory as a Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC), a Blueframe application platform, or a Microsoft Windows-based computer.