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How do I apply for a position at SEL?

We ask all candidates to submit their resumés through our website:

  1. Select Apply Now from the menu.
  2. Click the Search button in the middle of the screen on the right (or if you would like to specify a job category or location, do so, then click Search).
  3. Select the position title that interests you. Then select Submit Your Application.
  4. Log into your existing account, or create a username (your email address) and password. After logging in, you can upload your resumé and cover letter to complete the application process.
Can candidates share email addresses?

No, please be aware that each candidate must have a unique identifier (email address). Therefore, email addresses cannot be shared among applicants. If you do not have an email address, you can create one using one of the many free email accounts available online.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes, SEL encourages candidates to apply for each position for which you believe you are qualified. You will be considered for each position individually.

May I submit an individual resumé and cover letter for each position I apply for?

No. Unfortunately, at this time, you can only submit one resumé and cover letter. However, you can update your resumé and cover letter at any time.

Do I need to fill out a formal application? If so, where can I get one?

No. Right now, all we need is your resumé. SEL does not require a formal application with work history and background-check authorization until later in the hiring process.

I have submitted my resumé online. How long will it take until I am notified of my status?

Generally, you will receive an update regarding your status within one to two weeks after submitting your resumé. However, this can vary, depending on the nature of the position.

What should I do if I haven't received a response from SEL?

SEL sends an initial email response to all applicants at time of resumé submittal. If you did not receive this email, please check your SPAM filter and make sure your system is not blocking emails from SEL. It is important that you ensure your receipt of this email as SEL will communicate future position updates via email. If, at anytime throughout the hiring process, you have questions regarding your status please feel free to call our Human Resource Department. We can be reached at (+1.509.334.8060).

I’ve lost the formatting to my resumé. How can I correct it?

Please note that HTML formatting (such as bullet points) in your resumé may be lost and affect the appearance of your resumé. We highly encourage you to limit or refrain from using such formatting as it may affect our ability to thoroughly evaluate your qualifications. Using basic formatting or plain text is recommended.

I need to update my profile (phone number, address, resumé, etc.). Can I do this?

Yes. Log into your account by clicking the Apply Now tab in the navigation menu on the left. Enter your username (email address) and password, and click Login. Once you make the appropriate updates to your profile, click Submit Form to save your changes.

Will you get back to me when I am no longer being considered for the position?

Yes, SEL will get back to you via email as soon as you are no longer being considered for a position. 

Will you contact me if a new position opens up that matches my area(s) of interest?

Yes. After you log into your profile and sign up for daily or weekly email notifications, we will inform you of new careers that are posted on our website based on your areas of interest. We also encourage you to monitor our website for new positions that open up.

What can I expect from an internship with SEL?

In addition to the opportunity to work with the industry's brightest engineers, marketers, and business professionals, internships at SEL provide flexible work schedules, varying lengths, and varied required hours based upon the student's individual circumstances and the hiring manager's needs. Interns can expect competitive hourly wages individually based upon many factors. The SEL internship program is very successful in converting interns into regular, full-time employees.

What makes an internship different from a regular job?

Internships at SEL are different from regular, full-time positions on a variety of levels. Interns are considered regular, temporary employees and are given the opportunity to work part-time while attending school and full-time during the summers. Interns are given tasks with mentors and teams that will enhance their academic experience. Internships provide an opportunity for the company and the student to have a long-term interview with each other.

What is the SEL policy on smoking and tobacco use?

SEL maintains a tobacco-free workplace. Therefore, if employees smoke or use tobacco-based or tobacco-resembling products (e.g., cloves or electronic cigarettes), they must ensure that they and their clothing do not smell of smoke or tobacco, and they must not use any tobacco-based or tobacco-resembling products anywhere on SEL property, in its facilities, in SEL vehicles, at SEL-sponsored events, in personal vehicles in SEL parking lots, when using personal vehicles for SEL purposes, or with SEL customers or vendors at any time or location, except where this policy is prohibited by local law.

What is the SEL policy on drugs and alcohol use?

SEL maintains a drug- and alcohol-free workplace. The possession, solicitation, use, or trafficking of alcohol or drugs, including marijuana, in the SEL workplace or while representing SEL in any capacity at any time is strictly prohibited.

How can I find the building I'm looking for at the Pullman corporate headquarters?

Consult our campus map or contact your recruiter, who will be happy to help provide directions.

Pullman Campus Map
What does CL2/CL10/CL20 mean?

The SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter offers a standard current measurement range from 1 mA to 22 A. You therefore do not have to specify a CL2, CL10, or CL20 meter thanks to the wide dynamic measurement range. This model’s Slot Z Current and Voltage Inputs option is titled Current Class CL2/CL10/CL20, Optimized for Low-End Accuracy. The SEL-735 also offers a fault recording measurement range from 5 mA to 100 A. This option is titled CL10/CL20, Optimized for 100 A Fault Recording.

Why is SEL building an antenna?

SEL builds products for critical infrastructure. This means that SEL products need to be reliable in all situations. The antenna is the most important part of the timing system, because satellite-synchronized clocks need GNSS signals to function reliably. Antennas are susceptible to lightning, weather, and other external factors, making them the most likely point of failure for a timing system. With this in mind, SEL chose to build a more reliable, higher-performance antenna than what can be purchased off the shelf.

Why should I invest in a high-performance antenna? Can I just risk it and pay for the replacements when failures occur?

By investing in a high-performance antenna you can avoid these hidden costs and reduce your total cost of ownership:

  1. Loss of time during the antenna replacement. Precise time is becoming a requirement for critical infrastructure applications. Time-dependent applications could be compromised after the antenna failure, but before the antenna replacement.
  2. Labor and resources associated with antenna replacement. Antennas are often mounted high enough to require a bucket truck in order to replace them. These replacements take time and money. Damage to the attached equipment. Surges that occur at the antenna can propagate through the antenna and damage the attached device. An antenna with better surge immunity will better protect the clock itself.
  3. Buying a cheap antenna may seem like a good idea at first, but after factoring in antenna failures, the cost of ownership is far less with a reliable antenna like the SEL-9524.
What technology differences make SEL’s antenna more reliable?

The SEL-9524 was designed to avoid common pitfalls seen in other antennas. It was developed in our R&D facility that designs products with design lives of more than 20 years. SEL’s manufacturing also provides better reliability, with the device built in the same manufacturing plant that builds other products for mission-critical applications.