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Pinpoint disturbances and accurately account for every watt

Improve reliability and enhance the integration of variable resources into the bulk power system. Meters installed at renewable energy generation points can provide fast streams of accurate synchrophasor data to the system operator. The SEL-735 includes the latest version of the synchrophasor standard, IEEE C37.118.1a-2014, which makes it ideal for applications requiring fast response times under dynamic conditions.


How a Data Center Achieves Utility-Grade Metering

Synchrophasors Help Integrate Solar Generation

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How to Use SEL-735 WAVE VIEW

Modern power systems are experiencing an increasing number of distorted waveforms caused by fast-switching circuits and nonlinear elements. These distorted waveforms decrease the efficiency of systems and end equipment and can also negatively affect revenue metering accuracy. Some meters may lose accuracy in nonsinusoidal conditions if they are not designed to measure different types of waveforms. See how the SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter exceeds the nonsinusoidal test requirements for ANSI 0.1 accuracy class compliance and why it's highly qualified for revenue metering applications in today’s challenging power system conditions.

Metering How-to Videos

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  • How to Use SEL-735 WAVE VIEW

  • How to Surface Mount the SEL-735 Meter

  • How to Set SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter

  • How to Set the SEL-735 Meter for Itron MV-90 Communication

  • How to Set the SEL-735 Meter With DNP Map Settings

  • How to Use SEL Easily Extractable Meters

  • How to Use SEL acSELerator Meter Reports Software

  • How to Change the Meter Form in the SEL-735

How to Use SEL-735 With Color Touchscreen Display-Overview

In this video, Application Engineer Troy Ledford gives you an overview of the SEL-735’s Color Touchscreen Display.

Touchscreen Meter How-to Videos

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  • How to Use SEL-735 With Color Touchscreen Display-Overview

  • How to Set the SEL-735 With Color Touchscreen Display-Basic Settings

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