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Recorded Webinar

Transform Your Revenue Metering Data Into Action

Date held: September 14, 2016

Organize, visualize, and optimize energy usage with data analysis tools. Apply easy-to-use system-level software reports to quickly identify trends and opportunities for improvement, enabling operators to take actions that decrease energy costs. Additionally, software tools can help diagnose a wide range of power quality disturbances, enabling plant operators and power producers to quickly resolve issues before they become large disruptions.

In this live webinar, Anaisha Jaykumar, an SEL product engineer in the Meter Systems department, will share practical ways that metering software can deliver the following benefits:

  • Identify times of peak demand consumption to allow you to manage loads. • Identify power quality disturbances and help reduce potentially damaging incidents.
  • Manage site-wide energy and resources using customized reports, and trend analysis for long-term planning and resource allocation.