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SEL Product Certifications

SEL works with customers, sales partners, and accreditation agencies to obtain the certifications necessary to provide relevant products to a variety of industries and markets around the world.

Product NumberProduct DescriptionUS SafetyUS HazLocUS MarineCAN SafetyCAN HazLocEU Safety, EMC, LaserEU HazLocAU/NZ Safety
SEL-300GGenerator RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-311CTransmission Protection SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-311LLine Current Differential Protection and Automation SystemUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-351Protection SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-351AProtection SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-351SProtection SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-352Breaker Failure RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387Current Differential and Overcurrent RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387ACurrent Differential and Overcurrent RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387ECurrent Differential and Voltage RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-387LLine Current Differential RelayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-401Protection, Automation, and Control Merging UnitUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-411LLine Differential Protection, Automation and Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-421Protection, Automation, and Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-451Protection, Automation, and Bay Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-487BBus Differential and Breaker Failure RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-487ETransformer Protection RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-487VCapacitor Protection and Control SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-T400LTime-Domain Line ProtectionUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-T4287Traveling-Wave Test SystemUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-501Dual Universal Overcurrent RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-547Distributed Generator Interconnection RelayUL  CSA    
SEL-551Overcurrent/Reclosing RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-551COvercurrent/Reclosing Relay UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-587Current Differential RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-587ZHigh-Impedance Differential RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-700GGenerator Protection RelayULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-701Motor Protection RelayUL  UL    
SEL-710Motor Protection Relay ULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-710-5Motor Protection Relay ULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-734Advanced Metering SystemULUL1ABSULUL1CE RCM
SEL-734BAdvanced Monitoring and Control SystemULUL1 ULUL1CE RCM
SEL-734TAdvanced Digital TransducerULUL1 ULUL1CE RCM
SEL-735Power Quality and Revenue MeterULUL1 ULUL1CE RCM
SEL-751Feeder Protection RelayULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-787, -2, -3, -4Transformer Protection RelayULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-2032Communications Processor UL ABSUL    
SEL-2100Logic ProcessorUL ABSUL    
SEL-2240Axion Distributed Control and Integration PlatformUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2242Backplane ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2243Power CouplerUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2244-2, -3Axion System 24 DI or 16 DO ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2244-5Axion System 10 Fast High-Current DO ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-2DC Analog Input ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-22DC Analog Input ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2245-3DC Analog Output ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-4AC Metering ModuleUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2245-42AC Protection ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2245-411Standard Current and Low-Voltage (LEA) Monitoring ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2401Satellite-Synchronized Clock     CE RCM
SEL-2407Satellite-Synchronized ClockUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2411Programmable Automation ControllerULUL1ABSULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-2411PPump Automation ControllerULUL1 ULUL1CEATEXRCM
SEL-2440DPAC Discrete Programmable Automation ControllerUL ABSULUL1CE RCM
SEL-2488 Satellite-Synchronized Network ClockUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2505Remote I/O ModuleUL ABSUL    
SEL-2506Rack-Mount Remote I/O ModuleUL  UL    
SEL-2507High-Speed Remote I/O Module      CE  
SEL-2515Remote I/O ModuleUL ABSUL    
SEL-2516Rack-Mount Remote I/O ModuleUL  UL    
SEL-2522Alarm PanelUL  UL    
SEL-2523Annunciator PanelUL  UL    
SEL-2533Annunciator UL  UL    
SEL-2595Teleprotection Terminal     CE  
SEL-2664Field Ground ModuleUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2664SStator Ground Protection RelayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-27252Five-Port Ethernet SwitchUL  UL    
SEL-2730MManaged 24-Port Ethernet Switch UL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-2730U Unmanaged 24-Port Ethernet Switch UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2740SSoftware-Defined Network SwitchUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-2800Fiber-Optic Transceivers     CE RCM
SEL-2810Fiber-Optic Transceivers With IRIG-B     CE RCM
SEL-2812Fiber-Optic Transceivers With IRIG-B     CE RCM
SEL-2814Fiber-Optic Transceivers With Hardware Flow Control     CE RCM
SEL-2829Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Transceiver/Modem     CE RCM
SEL-2830Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Transceiver/Modem     CE RCM
SEL-2831Single-Mode Fiber-Optic Transceiver/Modem     CE RCM
SEL-2894Interface Converter     CE RCM
SEL-3025Serial ShieldUL  UL    
SEL-3031Serial Radio TransceiverUL  UL    
SEL-3355Rack-Mount ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3355-2Rack-Mount ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360ECompact Industrial ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360E-2Compact Industrial ComputerUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360SCompact Industrial Computer StandardUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3360S-2Compact Industrial Computer StandardUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3390E4Network Adapter Card UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3390S8Serial Adapter Card UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3421Motor Relay HMIUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3505Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3505-3Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3530, -4Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-3555,-2Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-3610Port ServerUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-3620Ethernet Security GatewayUL ABSUL CE RCM
SEL-3622Security GatewayUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-8001ICON 19-Inch ChassisUL  UL    
SEL-8002ICON 8-Inch Cube ChassisUL  UL    
SEL-8011-01High-Voltage AC Power Supply UL  UL    
SEL-8011-02High-Voltage AC/DC Power Supply UL  UL    
SEL-8011-03Low-Voltage DC Power Supply UL  UL    
SEL-8021-01Protected Line Module UL  UL    
SEL-8030-01Server Module UL  UL    
SEL-8035-01Ethernet Access Module UL  UL    
SEL-9192Utility-Grade USB ModemUL  UL    
SEL-9321Low-Voltage DC Power Supply UL  UL    
SEL-932215 Vdc Power SupplyUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9330AHigh-Voltage AC/DC Power Supply UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9330CLow-Voltage DC Power Supply UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9331AHigh-Voltage AC/DC Power Supply UL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9331BLow-Voltage DC Power SupplyUL  UL CE RCM
SEL-9502Contact Arc Suppressor UL  UL    
SEL-9510Control Switch ModuleUL  UL    
SEL-9524GNSS Antenna     CE RCM
SEL-FR12Fault Receiver     CE RCM
SEL-FT50Fault Transmitter     CE RCM

1Class I, Division 2 Groups: A, B, C, and D

2Dual-fiber port option only


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