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Software-Defined Network Flow Controller

The SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller is Microsoft Windows Server-based enterprise software designed to optimize software-defined networking (SDN) configuration and management for critical infrastructure. The SEL-5056 Flow Controller is designed to work collectively with the SEL-2740S Software-Defined Network Switch to provide a complete traffic engineering solution for Ethernet-based local-area networks (LANs). Traffic engineering with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller enables flexible configuration of each communications flow path and the ability to proactively engineer fault-tolerant networks, resulting in greater performance, improved reliability, and more deterministic packet delivery.


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Traffic-Engineer Each Communications Flow—Take control of how the network performs by configuring physical and logical circuits, or flows, for each application. Network administration focuses on the application requirements instead of network limitations. Traffic engineering enables the system owner to decide how packets are forwarded by the deny-by-default architecture, regardless of the Ethernet type. This enables the system owner to have control of every Ethernet frame allowed on the network and how it is transported. The SEL SDN solution includes the SEL-2740S Network Switch and the SEL-5056 Flow Controller.

Create Stronger Network Security—Control exactly what is allowed on your network with the deny-by-default architecture of the SEL-2740S. The flow table configuration allows matching rules on fields in Layer 1 through Layer 4 of the packet. This gives the system owner control of what is allowed on the network at every layer of the network. Only configured flows are forwarded. These rules are proactively engineered using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller.

Ensure Critical Applications Operate and Perform to Specification—Predetermine how the network will respond to failure states by proactively configuring primary and failover communications flows for each application. With network convergence times of less than 100 μs, failover times are two orders of magnitude less than those achieved with traditional networking technology.

Simplify Network Design With Topology-Independent Traffic Engineering— Design topologies and communications flows based on the application requirements instead of optimizing for dynamic control plane administrative protocols, such as the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). Simply configure the communications attributes of a specific protocol session and the forwarding path instead of requiring MAC addresses and virtual local-area networks (VLANs) within the constraints of RSTP. This eliminates the additional network-required tags or labels and simplifies operations. With the removal of RSTP, the network bandwidth is free for operational data and removal of RSTP topology design restrictions. Traffic engineering identifies the key attributes that make a unique communications flow, configures the specific circuit that flow should be forwarded through, and assigns any change action set along the way.

Centrally Manage and Monitor Networks in Near-Real Time—Enhance system awareness using centralized network monitoring, and extend network visibility to the substation. The SEL-5056 Flow Controller provides comprehensive monitoring of all path- and packet-level network statistics of each communications flow, giving increased awareness of network health and status.

Programmatically Test and Validate Your Network—Reduce deployment timelines and eliminate errors by using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller to programmatically test the network implementation and validate all configurations and contingencies during factory acceptance testing.


How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Installation and Adoption

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How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Installation and Adoption

How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Establishing Logical Connections

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How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Establishing Logical Connections

Engineer a better network. It starts with SDN.

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Engineer a better network. It starts with SDN.

Automatic Topology Discovery. Enables touchless commissioning and discovery of network appliances and hosts on the network through use of the SEL-2740S.

Scalable Network Deployment. Scales software implementation to the size of the network using two volume tiers with a one-time licensing fee and an optional version assurance program.

Ease of Use. Simplifies complex settings to enable the network designer to focus on application-oriented network design.

Holistic Network Visibility. Allows viewing and management of your network appliances as a single asset with near-real-time situational awareness.

Low-Latency Flow Setup. Establishes new flows rapidly with low-latency flow setup times.

Secure Configuration. Provides situational awareness and strong cybersecurity through user-based access controls, encrypted communications, and detailed audit logging.

Interoperability. Uses an OpenFlow 1.3-compliant configuration interface.

Syslog. Enables log management through syslog for centralized automated collection of network events.

Windows OS Support. Provides high-quality, service-focused performance with Windows Server 2012 R2.

X.509 Certificate. Supports secure, mutually authenticated communications between the switch and the flow controller.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating systemWindows Server 2012 R2 (64-bit)
Hard disk drive 250 GB
Processor speed 2.5 GHz
Screen resolution* 1920 x 1080
BrowserGoogle Chrome Version 52


Software Requirements

LicenseSEL host-based licensing
OpenSSLVersion 1.0.2

License Options

4-switch unlicensed (PN: 5056-0001)
10-switch license (PN: 5056-0004)
100-switch license (PN: 5056-0002)
Unlimited switch license (PN: 5056-0003)

You can download and use the SEL-5056 Flow Controller free of charge to manage up to four OpenFlow switches. Contact SEL to purchase a license for more than four switches.

Click here for information on the Customer Licensing Portal to manage your software licenses.