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      Ethernet Switch

      The SEL-2741 enables software-defined networking (SDN) solutions that support enterprise and operational technology (OT) requirements ranging from real-time control to process control systems (PCSs), distributed control systems (DCSs), and SCADA. It has been specifically developed to support IEC 61850 network requirements with industry-leading performance and cybersecurity. The SEL-2741 performs reliably even in the toughest environmental conditions commonly found in electric utility and industrial applications.

      Software Download: SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller

      SFP Transceiver Options

      Starting At


      Request a Follow-Up



      Request a Follow-Up

      Create Stronger Network Security—Control exactly what is allowed on your network with the deny-by-default architecture and multilayer packet inspection at each hop with OT SDN provided by the SEL-2741 and SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller software. OT SDN allows you to control which devices are allowed on your network and what conversations each device is allowed to have. Only packets matching the authorized conversations are forwarded; all others are dropped or sent to your intrusion detection system. OT SDN also makes systems more cybersecure by eliminating legacy, attack-prone networking features, like media access control (MAC) tables, the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), multicast, and broadcast.

      Improve Failover Performance—OT SDN proactively traffic-engineers networks, bringing more precision and predictability to critical infrastructure networks reliably supporting even the most demanding control system signals like Sampled Values. Failover time is less than 100 μs, two orders of magnitude less than those achieved with legacy networking technology. And with no blocked ports for RSTP, all the SEL-2741 ports are usable for communications flows.

      Streamline NERC CIP Data Collection—Use the SEL-2741 to establish inline, non-bypassable security controls for ports and services. Use the SEL-2741 and SEL-5056 with the SEL Flow Auditor application to automate information collection and reporting of NERC CIP-007-6 R1.1 without dangerous scanning or expensive truck rolls, which addresses system security management for open ports and services on cyber assets.

      Manage Network Scalability and Change Management—Manage your network, not individual switches. SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller software provides centralized network control, interfacing with SEL-2741 switches to configure the network and manage all network changes. All network additions and changes are managed together through transactions between the flow controller software and the affected switches, eliminating the need to update settings in switches individually.

      Flexible Ordering Options—Build your perfect 24-port switch with copper or small form-factor pluggable (SFP) options, wide-range dual power supplies, and digital inputs. The SEL-2741 supports both SEL and non-SEL fiber SFPs with a generous power budget. All 24 ports support 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps speeds to support even the most demanding process bus applications.

      Synchronize Time Over the LAN With Accuracy—The SEL-2741 acts as a transparent Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock, supporting the IEEE C37.238-2017 power system profile to ensure submicrosecond time synchronization of end devices.


        1. 1

          General status indicators

        2. 2

          Power supply status LEDs

        3. 3

          Ethernet port status LEDs (three LED modes available)

        4. 4

          Configurable label

        5. 5

          Out-of-band flow controller port

        6. 6

          Mounting options for rack, surface or panel

        1. 1

          24 Ethernet ports

        2. 2

          Two digital inputs

        3. 3

          One form C alarm contact

        4. 4

          Redundant power supply options



      SDN Provides Zero-Trust Cybersecurity

      The SEL-2741 provides deny-by-default network access control and secure communications management by securing the control plane with OpenFlow 1.3 over secure Transport Layer Security (TLS).

      IEC 61850 Support

      SEL-5056 software can import 61850 SCD files and automate network provisioning.

      Performance in Harsh Environments

      The SEL-2741 meets IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3 standards, can be installed indoors or in suitable outdoor cabinets, and is rated for operating temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius (-40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit).

      Reliable Operations and Fast Fault Restoration

      Supports IEC61850-3 and IEEE1613. Retains flow configuration through power cycles even when the flow controller is offline. Heals network faults in less than 2 microseconds.

      High Bandwidth and Flexible Port Options

      All 24 ports are gigabit capable and can be ordered as copper 100/1000BASE-T or SFP cages. Mix and match port types in groups of 4 to build your perfect switch. See SFP transceiver options.

      Ease of Use

      Supports orchestration interfaces for end-to-end circuit provisioning, automated commissioning, and multiple LED modes for easy onsite troubleshooting.

      Situational Awareness

      SDN functionality in the SEL-2741 integrates with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller for central configuration, change management, operational diagnostics, and telemetry statistics.

      Switching Capacity

      Supports full backplane bandwidth with 24 Gbps packet data rate and full duplex, nonblocking design.

      Network Access Control for Small and Large Networks

      Provides multilayer packet inspection on all network forwarding for each flow on Layers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Flow table supports 8,192 flow entries.

      Quality of Service (QoS)

      Provides traffic priority management through four 8:4:2:1 weighted round robin (WRR) priority queues.

      Time Synchronization

      PTP Transparent Clock support for IEEE C37.238-2011, IEEE C37.238-2017, and IEC61850-9-3:2016 profiles and switch synchronization through NTP or Authenticated Controller Time Synchronization (ACTS).

      Digital Inputs

      The SEL-2741 supports seamless system integration with logic controlled functionality.

      Logging and diagnostics

      Generate and send log events directly to a central server through UDP or protected with TLS and supports SNMPv3 for switch diagnostics.

      Flexible Installation Options

      The SEL-2741 is a 1U device that is available as a panel mount, surface mount, or rack mount package. The dual power supply supports a wide range of source voltage and redundant integrated supplies.

      SFP Transceivers

      Choose from a range of SFP transceivers that meet the required temperature and environmental specifications of SEL products.

      SFP Transceiver Options

      Mounting Options

      The SEL-2741 is available in panel-mount, surface-mount, and rack-mount hardware packages to suit your application needs.

      Minimum Software Version


      Engineer a better network. It starts with SDN.

      How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Installation and Adoption

      How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Establishing Logical Connections

      Video Playlists

      SDN Commissioning support videos

      • SEL-5056 Using the Learn & Lock Feature
      • Commission and User Creation with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller
      • Adopt SEL-2740S Using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller
      • Adopt Hosts using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller

      Videos in this series:

      • SEL-5056 SDN Quick Start
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 1- CSTs and Logical Connection Definitions
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 2- Creating CSTs
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 3- Creating Unicast Logical Connections
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 4- Creating Multicast Logical Connections
      • Enabling SEL Relay Failover Mode with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller
      • SEL-5056: Switch Replacement Before Onsite Deployment
      • SEL-5056: Switch Replacement After Onsite Deployment
      • SEL-5056: Host Replacement in Same Location
      • SEL-5056: Host Replacement in Different Location

      Videos in this series:

      • Backing Up and Restoring SEL-5056 Databases

      Latest Firmware Versions

      There are no firmware versions available for this product.

      Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
      SEL-2741 R100-V8 SEL-2741S-R100-V8-Z001001-D20240523 5/24/24 ~1241140001

      The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

      Minimum Software Version