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      Software-Defined Network Switch

      The SEL-2742S is a 12-port DIN-rail- or surface-mounted software-defined networking (SDN) switch for industrial environments. The SEL-2742S combines with the SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller to improve LAN cybersecurity with a deny-by-default, zero-trust approach to network traffic forwarding. SDN streamlines network management, change control, and data collection for cybersecurity audits.

      The SEL-2742S is designed and built for operation in harsh environments, meeting IEEE 1613 requirements. The SEL-2742S operates in –40 to +85°C (–40 to +185°F), and dual power supply connections provide connectivity to primary and backup power sources.

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      Request a Follow-Up

      Create Stronger Network Security—Control exactly what is allowed on your network with the deny-by-default architecture of the SEL-2742S. SEL SDN uses four layers of matching rules to check every packet entering switches. Only packets matching the user-configured criteria are forwarded. SDN also makes systems more cybersecure by eliminating attack-prone networking features, like MAC tables, the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), multicast, and broadcast.

      Improve Failover Performance—SDN allows you to predefine every network path, bringing more precision to critical infrastructure networks and improving failover times to less than 100 μs, two orders of magnitude faster than those achieved with traditional networking technology. And with no blocked ports for RSTP, all of the SEL-2742S ports are useable for communications flows.

      Streamline NERC CIP Data Collection—Use the SEL-2742S and SEL-5056 with the SEL Flow Auditor application to automate reporting of NERC CIP-007-6 R1.1, which addresses system security management for open ports and services on cyber assets.

      Manage Network Scalability and Change Management—Use the SEL-5056 to manage all network changes without affecting existing services and applications. All network additions and changes can be configured centrally and pushed out to configure the network of SEL-2742S switches.

      Programmatically Test and Validate Your Network—Reduce deployment timelines and eliminate errors by using the SEL-5056 to programmatically configure the network implementation and validate all configurations and contingencies prior to commissioning.

      Synchronize Time Over the LAN With Accuracy—The SEL-2742S acts as a transparent Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock, supporting the IEEE C37.238 power system profile to ensure submicrosecond time synchronization of end devices.


        1. 1
          Ethernet management port
        2. 2
          Dual power supply connections
        3. 3
          Two 10/100BASE-T PoE+ ports
        4. 4
          Four 1 Gbps ports—copper, single-mode fiber, or multimode fiber
        5. 5
          Six 10/100BASE-T ports—copper or multimode fiber
        1. 1
          Rugged chassis operates in –40 to +85°C (–40 to +185°F)
        2. 2
          Top hat DIN clip


      Create stronger network security.

      Deny-by-default access control

      Simplify network design.

      Topology-independent networking with proactive traffic engineering of primary and secondary data paths

      Provide centralized network management.

      Complete network visibility with formal change control and nondisruptive change management

      Ensure mission-critical application performance.

      Sub-100-microsecond failover times

      Accurately distribute PTP.

      Support for IEEE 1588 PTP transparent clock with the IEEE C37.238 power system profile

      Provide Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+).

      Two PoE+ ports to simplify the use of devices for IT overlay applications, like video and voice

      Support primary and backup power sources.

      Dual power supply connections supporting 24/48 V

      Provide centralized log collection.

      Greater situational awareness using Syslog to send and collect logs from all switches

      Comply with Ethernet standards.

      Support for IEEE 802.3 and OpenFlow 1.3 for communication between the SEL-5056 Flow Controller and all switches

      Programmatically test networks.

      Validation of all configurations and contingencies prior to commissioning

      Operate in tough conditions.

      IEEE 1613 compliance and a –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F) operating range

      Minimum Software Version


      Engineer a better network. It starts with SDN.

      How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Installation and Adoption

      How to Use SEL-5056 Software: Establishing Logical Connections

      Video Playlists

      SDN Commissioning support videos

      • SEL-5056 Using the Learn & Lock Feature
      • Commission and User Creation with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller
      • Adopt SEL-2740S Using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller
      • Adopt Hosts using the SEL-5056 Flow Controller

      Videos in this series:

      • SEL-5056 SDN Quick Start
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 1- CSTs and Logical Connection Definitions
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 2- Creating CSTs
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 3- Creating Unicast Logical Connections
      • SEL-5056 Logical Connections Part 4- Creating Multicast Logical Connections
      • Enabling SEL Relay Failover Mode with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller
      • SEL-5056: Switch Replacement Before Onsite Deployment
      • SEL-5056: Switch Replacement After Onsite Deployment
      • SEL-5056: Host Replacement in Same Location
      • SEL-5056: Host Replacement in Different Location

      Videos in this series:

      • Backing Up and Restoring SEL-5056 Databases

      Latest Firmware Versions

      There are no firmware versions available for this product.

      Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
      SEL-2742S R112-V5 SEL-2742S-R112-V5-Z001001-D20240501 5/1/24 ~1240900001

      The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

      Minimum Software Version

      Sales Resource Central access is required to view the content in this tab.

      Sales Resource Central

      2740S 2742S - Software Tab

      Configuration Software

      SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller

      The SEL-5056 Flow Controller optimizes configuration and management for the SEL OT SDN solution. The flow controller works collectively with OT SDN switches to provide a complete traffic-engineering solution for Ethernet-based LANs.

      Learn more and download on the SEL-5056 software page.

      Automated Data Collection

      SEL-5057 SDN Application Suite

      SEL-5057 integrates with the SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller to add capabilities to the SEL OT SDN solution, including streamlining data collection for NERC CIP compliance.

      Learn more on the SEL-5057 software page.