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SEL-5056 Flow Controller

The SEL-5056 Flow Controller is software designed to optimize SDN configuration and management for critical infrastructure. The SEL-5056 Flow Controller is designed to work collectively with the SEL SDN Switches to provide a complete traffic-engineering solution for Ethernet-based LANs. Traffic engineering with the SEL-5056 Flow Controller enables flexible configuration of each communications flow path and the ability to proactively engineer fault-tolerant networks, resulting in greater performance, improved reliability, and more deterministic packet delivery.

SEL-5056 Flow Controller

Version 2.9.0
Size 115.12 MB
Date Code 20211222

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Minimum System Requirements

Operating systemWindows Server 2016 Standard
Hard disk drive 250 GB
Processor speed 2.5 GHz
Screen resolution* 1920 x 1080
BrowserGoogle Chrome Version 80


Software Requirements

Microsoft Visual C++ RedistributableVersion 12.0.30501.0