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Network Adapter Card

The SEL-3390E4 Ethernet Network Adapter Card is a 10/100/1000 Mbps PCI Express (PCIe) expansion card that is compatible with SEL-3355 and SEL-3360E computing platforms as well as SEL-3555 and SEL-3560E Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs). It is designed, built, and tested for use in harsh industrial and substation environments, providing a wide operating temperature range and immunity to ESD, shock, and vibration. It can also be ordered with conformal coating for corrosion immunity. The SEL-3390E4 complies with the PCIe form-factor and can also be installed in other PCIe-compliant computers and controllers.

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Choose up to two SEL-3390E4 PCIe x4 industrial PCIe Ethernet cards for eight additional independent Gb ports. Select all copper, all LC fiber, or a mix of two copper and two fiber ports. Fiber ports use small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules to support either single-mode or multimode operation at various transmit power levels on a per-port basis. 


Gigabit High-Speed Ethernet Ports
Communicate over Ethernet connections using the four independent Gigabit Ethernet ports capable of 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps connection speeds. Each port has a unique media access control (MAC) address, allowing connections to as many as four independent Ethernet networks.

Copper and Fiber-Optic Connections
Connect to copper 10/100/1000BASE-T and fiber-optic 100BASE-FX and 1000BASE-X networks. SFP fiber-optic modules enable flexibility and mixed-network connections. Three different port configurations are available: four RJ45 copper ports, four LC SFP fiber-optic ports, or two RJ45 and two SFP ports.

Conformal Coating
Protect circuitry from hazards, such as chemicals, vibration, moisture, salt spray, humidity, fungus, and corrosion, with this durable protective coating that extends the working life of the PCB and components.

Apply in harsh substation environments. The SEL-3390E4 exceeds IEEE 1613, IEEE C37.90, and IEC 60255 protective relay standards. The card provides reliable operation from –40º to +75ºC (–40º to +167ºF) and is backed by SEL’s ten-year warranty and highly rated technical support.

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Instruction Manuals

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Drivers, Firmware, and System Software

SEL offers a wide range of drivers, firmware, and system software for the SEL-3350, SEL-3355, and SEL-3360 computing platforms and SEL-3390 expansion cards.

Visit the SEL Software Downloads page to find available downloads for SEL computing platforms and expansion cards.

Cable Part Number Termination Notes
CA605C RJ45 CAT5e Ethernet with PVC Jacket
CA605M* RJ45CAT5e Ethernet with TPE Jacket
CA605R* RJ45 CAT5e Ethernet with PUR Jacket
C808 LCMultimode Fiber
C809 LCSingle-mode fiber

* This cable is double-shielded (contains both foil and braid shields) with the shield connected to the shell at both ends of the cable, for improved immunity to electrical disturbances that can cause data loss.

The SEL-3390E4 card is compatible with the following SEL hardware:

It is also compatible with any x86 computer with a PCIe x4 expansion slot.

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