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PRP Driver for Windows

The SEL-5815 PRP Driver for Windows adds Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support, compliant with IEC 62439-3, to SEL computing platforms by enabling the user to create virtual PRP adapters from pairs of physical Ethernet adapters connected to redundant parallel networks. All PRP processing is handled at the devices (nodes), and PRP is compatible with most Ethernet network topologies, providing redundancy without purchasing additional redundancy hardware.

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Network Topology-Independent—All PRP processing is handled by the devices (nodes), independent of the network equipment and topology. This enables the parallel networks to be made up of standard networking equipment in configurations ranging from a standard star to complex ring or mesh topologies.

Instant Recovery and Zero Lost Packets—PRP transmits and receives all data on both redundant networks simultaneously, so a fault on one network will not prevent the data from reaching its destination on the other network. There is no time required for the network to reroute around faults, and no retransmission of data is required.

Improve Failover Performance—Automatically switch and transfer network traffic from a failed connection to a secondary redundant network adaptor to maximize availability.

Ensure PRP Network Health—Configure and monitor the performance of PRP virtual adapters, which provides confidence in overall network performance. Use the monitoring utility to view the redundancy status of other devices on the network.

Easily Integrates With Existing Network Management System—Automate the monitoring and alarming of your PRP network topology by incorporating it into your existing network management system (NMS) through the SEL-5815 SNMP interface and MIB table.

Redundancy Without Additional Hardware—Install the SEL-5815 PRP driver and gain the benefits of PRP without the additional cost and maintenance of redundant box (RedBox) PRP hardware.

Example PRP Network Diagram

SEL-5815 PRP Network Overview


Support for all PRP node types:

  • Doubly attached node (DAN)—devices attached to both redundant networks via two separate network interfaces.
  • Singly attached node (SAN)—standard devices without PRP functionality connected to one of the redundant networks.
  • Virtual doubly attached node (VDAN)—SAN that is attached to both redundant networks through a RedBox.
  • RedBox—connects SANs to both redundant networks.

Supported SEL products:

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.