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SEL Backup and Recovery Tool (BaRT)

Use SEL BaRT to quickly and easily create a complete drive backup to capture your computing platform’s operating system and applications. Backups can be used for disaster recovery or to deploy a configured image across many similar systems. SEL BaRT was designed specifically for SEL’s computing platform line to ensure ease of use and compatibility with each platform’s features, including the system watchdog which is responsible for monitoring system availability.

SEL BaRT is custom-developed by SEL using open-source technology to be fast, portable, and free of charge. Back up a system drive in as little as 15 minutes, then, when needed, you can restore the backup image in even less time. Easily install SEL BaRT onto a USB drive using the included make_bart Windows and Linux installation tools. See the included README.TXT file for installation instructions. The included application guide AG2012-05 (also available for download) provides detailed installation and usage instructions.


Size 139.64 MB
Date Code 20240328


The download will be in the form of a self-extracting executable with an .exe extension.  From a Windows OS, click on the file once downloaded and the files will extract similar to a .zip file.

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