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SEL Grid Configurator


SEL Grid Configurator is a freely distributed software tool for engineers and technicians to quickly and confidently create, manage, and deploy settings for SEL power system devices. It features a modern interface designed for ease of use, with powerful protection visualization and comprehensive reporting to reduce device deployment complexity. 

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Included With SEL-400G Advanced Generator Protection System


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Easy Device Configuration—A user-configurable device hierarchy allows you to quickly identify power system devices, such as relays, meters, and distribution controllers. The spreadsheet-style editor makes finding and editing one or many settings simple. Powerful compare and merge features allow you to manage settings across multiple devices or groups within a single screen.

Powerful Protection Visualization—The Device Overview feature provides an immediate high-level summary of how you are using your devices’ capabilities. You can also see a graphical configuration for many relay protection functions.

Comprehensive Reporting—With Grid Configurator, viewing and downloading reports for an entire substation at once is simple. You can filter by date, report type, or device type and download the reports to your laptop with a click.

Quick Settings Deployment—Grid Configurator makes it simple to send settings to multiple networked devices at once—no more moving cables from device to device. It provides a report at the end of the process to let you know if there were any concerns during download.

Simple Migration—Avoid data re-entry, decrease settings errors during setup, and save time by importing settings results from external calculation tools into Grid Configurator.

Spreadsheet-Style Editor

5037 Spreadsheet-Style Editor

Work efficiently and accurately using the spreadsheet-style editor to configure a single device or a large group of devices.

Device Overview

5037 Device Overview

See device configuration highlights and core protection functions in a graphical format.

Reporting View

5037 Reporting View

Identify, filter, and download relevant IED reports from multiple devices to your laptop with a simple click.

Batch-Sending Settings

5037 Batch Sending Settings

Deploy settings to multiple devices at once without having to move cables from device to device.


Introducing Grid Configurator—The Next Generation of SEL Configuration Software

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Introducing Grid Configurator—The Next Generation of SEL Configuration Software
Simplifying Setting Management

The user interface allows you to create settings for one or many protection functions in a single view. With Grid Configurator’s spreadsheet-style editor, custom filters, and bulk copy-paste feature, you can easily find, edit, and manage settings in a single device or across large groups. Combined, these features deliver a seamless and efficient configuration experience.

Integrating Your Software Systems
Grid Configurator integrates with the Device Manager in acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software so that you can work with a growing fleet of SEL devices. The system provides complete settings validation in order to reduce the incidence of settings errors, helping you simplify complex engineering processes.

Preparing for Software Migration  
Grid Configurator is the next evolution in SEL power system device configuration software, delivering a modern user experience for customers. You’ll find transitioning from QuickSet to Grid Configurator simple. Zero reentry of settings is required, training is available, you can transition at your own pace, and Grid Configurator is compatible with the long-used QuickSet Device Manager. In addition, the new software platform provides superior performance and security compliance for common IT policies, allowing rapid adoption.


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Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Processor: 1 GHz


Disk Space: 1 GB

Display: Minimum screen resolution of 1280 × 1024

Required Third-Party Software: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2