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Grid Configurator Enhancements—September 2023 Rapid Release
Sep 29, 2023

Update device firmware from within Grid Configurator using the Firmware Loader tool. Firmware Loader automatically performs compatibility checks between the firmware and the device before making any changes. Users can also create, save, and manage multiple settings versions for each device using the Settings Versions tool, accommodating a variety of review and implementation workflows.

Grid Configurator Enhancements—March 2023 Rapid Release
Mar 15, 2023
Quickly copy settings groups with the Group Copy feature.
Grid Configurator Feature Updates—November 2022 Rapid Release
Nov 29, 2022

Import and export .zip files containing set.txt files for each device and simplify SELogic editing  with find/replace functionality. 

Grid Configurator Feature Updates—August 2022 Rapid Release
Aug 24, 2022
Improve Grid Configurator integration with third-party platforms using SEL-5231 Configuration API.
Grid Configurator Feature Updates—June 2022 Rapid Release
Jun 23, 2022

Grid Configurator’s June 2022 update introduced a new feature to the device configuration software to streamline the process of updating settings during precommissioning and testing: preselection of Settings Classes that contain changes for connected devices. This change provides significant time-saving benefits to users sending new settings to devices at any scale.

Grid Configurator Enhancements and Upcoming Releases
Mar 25, 2022
Grid Configurator 2.0 gained several performance and usability enhancements. From interface interactivity to streamlined processes for copying data from other software, Grid Configurator helps you get to your work faster.