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SEL Configuration API

The SEL Configuration Application Programming Interface (API) provides an integrated approach to managing SEL device configuration data. It offers read/write access to device identification information, connection parameters, passwords, and settings that are stored in the acSELerator Database, which is managed by acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software’s Device Manager. If your external software platforms require access to relay configuration data, the API can provide access methods that do not require detailed database schema information or cumbersome parsing of settings files. These capabilities minimize integration code rework due to schema design or relay settings changes.

The API has a modern architecture and service structure that is compatible with most programming languages. Depending on the network topology and number of integration points, SEL offers two versions of the API. Please contact us for additional information or a complimentary consultation to identify the best solution for your system needs.

Part Number
5231-0001—Single integration point connection
5231-0002—Enterprise; multiple integration point connections

Starting At

$5,000 USD

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Data Synchronization

With the SEL Configuration API, you can create tools to transfer data between SEL systems and your existing asset databases.

Interoperability With Third-Party Software

Third-party testing and modeling software can use the SEL Configuration API to access easily consumable content. This level of integration makes your workflow easier.

Custom Reports

Using the SEL Configuration API, external systems can extract data for the purposes of analytics, reporting, validation, synchronization, and more.

Importing and Exporting Settings

You can write Microsoft Excel or MathCAD add-ins to import or export settings into the SEL Configuration API directly. You can also go directly from your calculation sheets or models to your authoritative settings source.

Password Management

Regularly rotating passwords is important for NERC compliance. Using the SEL Configuration API, you can keep your passwords up to date in the acSELerator Database.

The SEL Configuration API provides a RESTful service to the acSELerator Database. The API is available in two versions. Please contact us for assistance to identify the best solution for your system.

Part Number

5231-0001—Single integration point connection
5231-0002—Enterprise; multiple integration point connections


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The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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