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SEL-5703 Synchrowave Monitoring

Real-Time and Historic Trending and Archiving

Improve understanding of system events and expedite root cause analysis with high-resolution time-series data. Synchrowave Monitoring brings synchrophasor data and relay event reports together into one place so engineers can analyze both the high-level system impact of an event and the detailed oscillography data.

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Trending and Archiving Application Package for 25 Streaming Devices: $12,645 USD

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Disturbance Monitoring—Analyze archived synchrophasor data and relay event reports together in one display for a complete disturbance monitoring solution. Easily find system disturbances, and export data to CSV and COMTRADE data formats for NERC PRC-002-2 compliance.

Real-Time System Visibility—Improve system visibility by viewing live, subsecond, and time-aligned information from across the entire power system. Gain additional insight into the dynamic behavior of the power system through waveform signatures to aid in analysis during abnormal conditions.

Renewable Energy Monitoring—Understand how the increasing amount of renewable energy being added to your grid impacts system stability. System dynamics from these generation sources change quickly—too fast to see at traditional SCADA rates. Use high-resolution displays in Synchrowave Monitoring for detection and tracking of the impact of renewables on your system.

Power System Model Validation—Record the system response of generator trips, load shedding, remedial action scheme (RAS) operations, or other events. Analyze the archived system responses, and compare them to power system models. Simply export system response data from Synchrowave Monitoring to external power system simulation/modeling applications.


    1. 1


      Compare real-time and historical trends.

    2. 2

      Relay Events

      Correlate relay event records to the system response. Select the event report to see the relay oscillography.

    3. 3

      Phasor Scope

      Visualize phase angle separation between measurements to determine system stress.

    4. 4


      Use the timeline to seamlessly transition between real-time and historical data.

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      Event Summary

      Event report summary information.

    2. 2


      Trending of relay oscillography.

    3. 3


      Status of relay word bit state with respect to time.

    4. 4

      Relay Settings

      See the state of relay settings at the time of the event report trigger.



Synchrowave Monitoring—Trending and Archiving Application Package

The Trending and Archiving package includes the following applications:

  • Timeline—Provides users the ability to view real-time and historical data within Synchrowave Monitoring.
  • Dashboards—Provides real-time visualization of power system data and information through a collection of panels.
  • Panels—Includes basic streaming data visualization and analysis panels:
    • Time-Series Trend
    • Numeric Meter
    • Phasor Scope
  • Device Events Panel—Provides a summary of relay event reports that are stored in the acSELerator Database.
  • synchroWAVe Event Express—Provides web client visualization of relay event reports archived in the acSELerator Database.
  • acSELerator Database Reader—Connects Synchrowave Monitoring to the event reports stored in the acSELerator Database. acSELerator Team SEL-5045 Software can be used to automate the collection of relay event reports from relays.
  • IEEE C37.118 Reader—Reads from IEEE C37.118 synchrophasor streams and publishes signals to the platform for visualization and archiving.
  • Historian—Archives synchrophasor data. Includes archive retention period.
  • Data Indexer—Creates indexes of historian data to provide fast data access performance.
  • Data Export—Downloads selected data directly from the web client display in CSV and COMTRADE format.
  • Web Gateway—Provides HTTPS configuration and authentication via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-based Microsoft Active Directory.

Synchrowave Platform

Synchrowave Monitoring includes a Microsoft Windows-based version of the Synchrowave Platform.

  • The platform supports installation for one server.
  • Synchrowave Platform applications run as Windows Services. Applications are packaged together into the Windows Installer. Individual application updates are not supported for Synchrowave Monitoring.

Installation Requirements

  • Windows OS (Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Server 2016, or Windows Server 2019)
  • Local storage (preferred) or high-performance network drive. Storage requirements depend on number of phasor measurement units (PMUs), number of signals per PMU, and data rate. (125 GB per PMU per year at 60 messages per second is often used for approximate storage estimates.)


Synchrowave Platform: Installation and Licensing for Windows

Synchrowave Platform: Connecting to PDCs and PMUs With IEEE C37.118

Synchrowave Platform: Integrating Relay Event Reports from acSELerator Database

Synchrowave Platform: Creating and Navigating Dashboards

Synchrowave Platform: Exporting Time-Series Data

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Instruction Manuals

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Synchrowave Monitoring is composed of a suite of applications running on the Synchrowave Platform. The applications included in the Trending and Archiving application package are described below. Additional application packages for Synchrowave Monitoring will be released in the future.

Synchrowave Monitoring ApplicationsTrending and Archiving Application Package
Timeline and Dashboards
Time-Series Trend, Numeric Meter, and Phasor Scope Panels
Device Events Panel
synchroWAVe Event Express
acSELerator Database Reader
IEEE C37.118 Reader
Historian and Data Indexer
Data Export
Web Gateway

Licensing for each Synchrowave Monitoring application package is based on the number of streaming devices. To receive a quote for your system, contact your local SEL sales representative.

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Supporting Software

SEL Data Management and Automation (DMA) Application Suite

Available on the Blueframe platform, SEL DMA applications automatically collect, store, and manage device-specific information like oscillography, Sequence of Events (SOE) data, device settings, and property information as well as providing automated password rotation and streamlined device audits.

Learn more on the DMA software page.

SEL Compass

Compass provides simple and convenient tools for managing SEL digital content. Users can keep software applications and relay configuration drivers up to date without manually browsing product webpages as well as download new product updates and literature.

Learn more and download on the Compass software page.

Related Software

SEL-5702 Synchrowave Operations

Synchrowave Operations software complements SCADA and energy management systems by aggregating high-resolution time-series data, including synchrophasor data, relay event reports, point-on-wave data, and GIS geospatial data.

Learn more and download on the Synchrowave Operations software page.