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Recorded Webinar

Expanding Situational Awareness With New Synchrowave Software

Date held: September 8, 2021

Over the last two decades, the amount of power system data available to operators and engineers has grown—ranging from relay event reports to synchrophasors to high-resolution streaming time-domain data. The increased volume and resolution of these measurements presents a challenge for efficiently monitoring, analyzing, and taking action on all these data.

In this webinar, Dr. Greg Zweigle and Jared Bestebreur present the new Synchrowave Monitoring and Synchrowave Operations software and discuss how these applications help transform time-series data into actionable information. They also present a demonstration of Synchrowave Operations, which was designed to complement existing SCADA and energy management system (EMS) solutions.

Topics include:

  • An overview of Synchrowave Monitoring and Synchrowave Operations.
  • The benefits of using an application-based software platform for power systems.
  • How time-series data and relay event reports can be combined with geospatial information and weather data to improve situational awareness.
  • Engineering and grid operations use cases for streaming time-series data.


Dr. Greg Zweigle

Dr. Greg Zweigle

Fellow Engineer

Jared Bestebreur

Development Lead Engineer