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Synchrowave Operations

Increase grid safety and reliability through situational awareness with high-resolution time-series data, real-time analytics, and geographical information system (GIS) location information. Synchrowave Operations complements traditional SCADA systems and energy management systems (EMSs) by delivering power system insights that SCADA can’t provide.

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Budgetary Retail:

WASA Application Package for 50 Streaming Devices:$50,000 USD + Yearly Subscription of 15%

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Wide-Area Situational Awareness—Synchrowave Operations improves situational awareness by providing live, subsecond, and time-aligned information from across the entire power system. Waveform signatures provide additional insight into the dynamic behavior of the power system, which enhances decision making during abnormal conditions.

Real-Time Visualization—Operators will promptly see the system response after switching a line in or out of service. Unreliable behaviors, like a growing oscillation or a failed breaker reclose cycle, are visible instantaneously with subsecond resolution that enables quick identification and response before the issue impacts the power system.

Intelligent Analytics and Notifications—Real-time analytics applications constantly monitor streaming data and provide notifications that give the operator access to key event data, including the location and impact, with a single click.

Secured Access to Data and Applications—Applications and all dependencies run self-contained, resulting in reduced attack surfaces. Access to the platform is restricted to authorized users via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication.

Faster Fault Location With Enhanced Visibility (Coming Soon)—Synchrowave Operations uses protective relay fault location data and GIS coordinates to display a fault’s location on a satellite map and guide line crews directly to the fault.

Renewable Energy Monitoring—High-resolution data lets operators measure and track the impact of renewables. Integrating renewable energy into the power system can result in reduced system stability and new oscillatory modes. System dynamics from these generation sources change quickly—too fast to see at traditional SCADA rates.

Power System Model Validation—To accurately replicate events, power system studies rely on accurate system models. Synchrowave Operations will record the system response to system events, such as capacitor switching, generator trips, load shedding, or other events. Comparing the recording to system models lets operators validate system security and reliability. 

Synchrowave for Grid Operations

Synchrowave Operations enhances existing utility power system operations by delivering power system insights that SCADA can’t provide through situational awareness.

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High-Performance Platform

Synchrowave Operations is built on Synchrowave Platform, a scalable, resilient, and secure application platform for real-time power system operations and analytics. Synchrowave Platform brings state-of-the-art software technology to a secure private network. Applications on Synchrowave Platform work together to create new solutions for utility grid operation challenges. Each application is independent and communicates with the platform through interfaces, enabling new applications to quickly be developed and deployed. The platform is designed from the ground up with microservice and container technology, providing a robust and scalable platform for future growth.

Simple and Fast Application Deployment

Install, manage, and update applications quickly and independently. When a new application is released or an existing application is enhanced, that application is simply uploaded to the platform. The underlying container technology ensures the software suite is scalable, resilient, and secure.


Resiliency and Availability for Grid Operations

During a server failure or maintenance, applications automatically rebalance and move to healthy servers in the platform’s cluster, ensuring critical applications are always operational.


Know What’s Happening With High-Speed Time-Series Data

The dynamics of the power system are changing because of increased renewable energy integration. Traditional SCADA data rates fail to capture important information needed to maintain grid stability. Synchrowave Platform supports high-speed time-synchronized measurements, ensuring the operators know what is happening on the grid at all times and can make timely decisions.


Quickly find and analyze power system events in terabytes of time series data with Synchrowave Platform. The video shows 993 million data points over 6 months being processed in seconds to identify a generation trip in the historic data.


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      Time-series trend panel

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      Real-time mode

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      Frequency notification

    5. 5

      Notification summary

    6. 6

      Substation, line, and pole GIS coordinates

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      Dashboard navigation

    8. 8

      Frequency propagation map layer

    9. 9

      Dial, bar chart, and table panels



Real-Time Analytics

Real-time applications continuously analyze data to identify power system conditions. When a condition is detected, a notification is sent to the power system operator. Notifications include critical information about the condition, such as the state, impact, and location.

The real-time applications include the following monitors:

  • Frequency
  • Phase angle
  • Power 
  • Voltage 
  • Fault detection and location (coming soon)
  • Oscillation detection and location (coming soon)

Dashboard Panels

Dashboards provide real-time visualization of power system data and information through a collection of panels:

  • Time-series trend
  • Esri GIS map
  • Table
  • Numeric meter
  • Bar chart
  • Phasor scope
  • Dial
  • Event timeline


SEL-5702: Analyze Power System Events

How to Use Synchrowave Operations: Software Overview

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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Synchrowave Operations is composed of a suite of applications for utility grid operations running on Synchrowave Platform. The applications included in the Synchrowave Operations Wide-Area Situational Awareness (WASA) application package are described below. Additional application packages for Synchrowave Operations will release in the future.

Synchrowave Operations ApplicationsWASA Application Package
Dashboards, Notifications, and Timeline
Frequency, Voltage, Phase Angle, and Power Monitors
Trend, Table, and Numeric Panels
Esri GIS Map Panel (Requires Esri GIS Server)
IEEE C37.118 Reader; Gateway Exchange Protocol (GEP) Reader
Time-Series Historian and Data Indexer
Role-Based Access and Web Gateway
Power System Model

Licensing for each Synchrowave Operations application package is per cluster, number of users, and the size of the system. To receive a quote for your system, contact your local SEL sales representative.