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Annunciator Panel

Not only do the 42 inputs and 11 outputs make the SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel a great fit for traditional annunciation, but programmable logic and up to four communications ports supporting DNP3, Modbus, and SEL protocols allow it to make easy work of your most demanding applications. Simplify commissioning and troubleshooting with a built-in sequence of events (SoE) recorder and full software human-machine interface (HMI). Field-configurable labels give the alarm panel the ability to be modified if changes in the number or type of devices being monitored changes. A wide range of power supply voltages and contact input voltages allow the SEL-2523 to be installed in virtually any system.

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Alarm Identification—Apply configurable labels to uniquely identify each alarm point LED. Preprinted labels (with factory default text), blank label media, and a Microsoft Word template on CD-ROM are included.

Custom Configuration—Create as few or as many points as needed for each application by using programmable logic. Implement multiple alarm panels for high-density alarm applications. Indicate the status of up to 36 alarm points.

Digital I/O Sequential Events Recorder (SER)—Assign different element names to each defined SER point for the asserted and deasserted states. Provide a clear view of an event to operators and viewers.

Monitoring and Control—Test and commission annunciator panels with live device status information on an acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software HMI screen. Operate and monitor the device remotely from a virtual front panel.

Local Annunciation
Select from six ISA-18.1 standard acknowledge sequences.

Use up to four serial ports to communicate using DNP3, Modbus, or SEL protocols, including Mirrored Bits communications.

Time-Tagged Event Recording
Time-tag alarm events to the nearest millisecond. Report time-tagged messages with DNP3 or the SEL Fast SER protocol.

Easy Installation
Save time with simple wiring and configuration. Print slide-in labels on any printer for easy installation or modification.

Logic Processing
Create custom alarm conditions using programmable logic to combine inputs and communications data without custom wiring.

Meet the demands of your harshest environments. The SEL-2523 is designed to exceed stringent vibration, electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic interference, and temperature requirements.


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Minimum QuickSet Version

Product Revision Z Number Minimum Software Version
SEL-2523 R202-V0 003
Please contact Application Engineer for firmware related to your hardware platform.  The current revision does not apply to all hardware.

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