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Alarm Panel

The SEL-2522 Alarm Panel is an excellent choice for the annunciation of alarms and operating events. With the ability to indicate the status of up to 36 inputs, the SEL-2522 can be scaled to indicate as few or as many points as needed for each application. Multiple alarm panels can be used for high-density alarm applications. Field-configurable labels give the alarm panel the ability to be modified if changes in the number or type of devices being monitored should occur. A wide range of power supply voltages and contact input voltages allows the SEL-2522 to be installed in virtually any system.

Annunciation and Notification Features Comparison

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Manned Station Annunciation—Drive an alarm horn or external light via output contacts. Provide superbright LED outputs for easily visible indication of alarm points in any ambient lighting condition.

Unmanned Station Annunciation—Maintain momentary alarms to provide visual indication of event history. View alarms even if power has been interrupted. Alarms are maintained until acknowledged.

Easy Installation—Save engineering time and effort with simple wiring and configuration. Prewire and test using removable wiring connectors.

Standard Acknowledge Sequences—Provide latching alarm sequences with manual reset or ring-back sequences according to the ISA 18.1 standard for reliable, repeatable operation.

Custom Configuration—Use slide-in configurable front-panel labels to change the identification of the target LEDs.


    1. 1

      Configuration control (DIP) switches select state

    2. 2

      Pluggable Eurostyle connectors

    3. 3

      Each connector represents one row of alarms on front of panel

    4. 4

      External acknowledge, reset, and test inputs

    5. 5

      Alarm and general-purpose contact outputs



Easy Installation
Save engineering time and effort with simple wiring and configuration. DIP switch selection provides for either N/O or N/C input.

Secure Alarms
View alarms even if the power has been interrupted. Alarms are sealed in until acknowledged.

Easy, Low-Cost Labeling
Print slide-in labels on any printer for easy initial installation or changes.

Substation- and Plant-Grade Equipment
Provide secure operation in station environments with a wide temperature range (–40° to +85°C) and surge protection.

Acknowledge, Reset, and Test
Provide reliable and repeatable operation with ISA-18.1 standard manual reset and ring-back sequences.

Minimum Software Version

Latest Firmware Versions

There are no firmware versions available for this product.

Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
SEL-2522 R102 SEL-2522-R102-V0-Z002001-D20060406 4/6/06 2006096001

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Minimum Software Version

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