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      Automation Controllers

      Simplify Automation With SEL Real-Time Automation Control

      RTAC Solutions

      Making the transition to complete system automation requires controllers that are flexible enough to integrate with your existing devices, durable enough to meet the most rigorous physical demands, and powerful enough to deliver the highest performance possible.

      That’s why we created our family of SEL Real-Time Automation Controllers (RTACs), designed to reduce operating costs and increase productivity in your system without compromising reliability.

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      Request a Follow-Up

      SEL RTACs can increase the security of your communications to remote intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and are essential components in your wide-area control and monitoring schemes. With an RTAC, you can find and correct problems at faster speeds from a remote location, saving time and money. RTACs can also act as data concentrators in your distribution automation applications by seamlessly communicating with and incorporating new and legacy devices. In addition, depending on the model, the integrated I/O provides even more opportunities for expansion in other applications, such as industrial process control and retrofit control for remote apparatus. With our long history of dedication to security, each RTAC has industry-leading physical and cybersecurity features built into its core.

      Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

      RTAC Info 1

      As a central controller, the SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) can communicate between substations, regulating and managing data for the entire system. The built-in video port brings high-quality control, annunciation, and alarm management via the integrated web HMI. With its advanced processing power, the SEL-3555 is ideal for many demanding applications, such as high-speed automation, synchrophasor processing, and distribution automation as well as integrating data from multiple substations.

      Power System Automation

      RTAC Info 2

      SEL-3530/3530-4 RTACs allow you to use the abilities of other devices, giving you a high-performance control and monitoring scheme. By bridging the connection between Mirrored Bits communications and IEC 61850 Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) networks, these efficient automation controllers provide secure and reliable communications.

      Substation RTU

      RTAC Family Substation

      SEL Axion’s versatility as an RTU allows you to gather digital and analog signals from remote locations. Then, with its variety of industry-standard protocols, you can distribute the data to a central SCADA system or HMI, providing efficient system-wide visibility.

      Remote Engineering Access and SCADA Communications

      Dial Up Engineering Access

      SEL-3505/3505-3 RTAC’s compact size is perfect for small enclosure cabinets. Placing an RTAC in these cabinets can provide continuous monitoring and intrusion detection. Collect, measure, and organize data from both serial and Ethernet IEDs through several of the RTAC’s standard protocols, such as Modbus, DNP3, and M irrored Bits communications.

      RTAC HMI


      Integrated Visualization and Control The RTAC HMI allows you to visualize your substation electrical power system and includes the benefits of traditional SCADA and HMI packages.


      Introducing SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)

      Video Playlists

      Videos in this series:

      • SEL RTAC—Install
      • SEL RTAC—Basic Software
      • SEL RTAC—Building a Project
      • SEL RTAC—DNP Client
      • SEL RTAC—Tag Processor Intro
      • SEL RTAC—Tag Processor Logging
      • SEL RTAC—Tag Processor Logic
      • SEL RTAC—Engineering Access with Legacy Commands
      • SEL RTAC—Engineering Access with Automatic Connections
      • SEL RTAC—IEC 61131 Programming
      • SEL RTAC—IEC 61131 Functions
      • SEL RTAC—IEC 61131 Function Blocks

      System Components


      SEL-3555 RTAC

      The SEL-3555 is the fastest and most powerful RTAC for advanced data concentration and control. The SEL-3555 provides a powerful solution for data management, either in the substation or at a central location. Manage and archive system data, view real-time information, and control substation equipment. Use the built-in video port to integrate an HMI for control, annunciation, and alarm management. The SEL-3555 provides the flexibility, reliability, and power to meet your most demanding substation automation projects.

      3530 RTAC Family

      SEL-3530/3530-4 RTACs

      The SEL-3530/3530-4 RTACS are powerful, reliable, and secure multifunction controllers. The SEL-3530/3530-4 RTACs provide complete and flexible system control with integrated security, seamless configuration, unified logic, reliability, and a variety of different form factors and I/O and communications port options.


      SEL-3505/3505-3 RTACs

      The SEL-3505/3505-3 RTACs offer economical multifunctional control in a compact package. The SEL-3505/3505-3 RTACs are lower-voltage versions of the SEL-3530 and deliver all the standard features of an RTAC in a compact package, making them excellent options for protocol conversion and secure communication when space is limited.


      SEL-2240 Axion

      The SEL-2240 Axion provides dependable control for harsh environments in a fully integrated, flexible platform. The Axion is a fully integrated, modular I/O and control solution ideally suited for utility and industrial applications. It combines the communications, built-in security, and IEC 61131-3 logic engine of the SEL RTAC family with a durable suite of I/O modules that provide high-speed, deterministic control performance over an EtherCAT network.