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Industrial & Electrical Balance-of-Plant

SEL power management, protection, automation, and control solutions are hard at work in heavy industries around the world.

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In today’s environment of looming economic challenges, increasingly complex regulations, and reduced engineering staff, you can rely on SEL to provide solutions that help you operate more safely and efficiently than ever before. SEL solutions and devices are interoperable and are designed to be implemented in modular stages and integrated with other systems.

Implement a plant-wide system or start with a single relay and scale up to a complete, integrated power management system over time. An SEL solution is always able to flex and grow with your business needs.

And no matter what approach you choose, you’ll have unlimited access to technical support as long as you have SEL products in service.

Use SEL solutions to:

  • Protect and control electrical feeders and the connection to the utility grid. SEL solutions improve plant uptime by detecting electrical system faults and anomalies before damage occurs.
  • Increase worker safety and protect valuable equipment with coordinated arc-flash mitigation.
  • Extend the life of electric motors and pumps. SEL solutions employ advanced motor control technologies, including electrical, thermal, and vibration monitoring, to reduce equipment stress.
  • Support future expansion. SEL devices let you modify, customize, and scale solutions to fit your needs.
  • Build resiliency and cybersecurity into your electric power systems.
  • Integrate power system and plant control for higher efficiency and better decision-making. SEL products are interoperable with other devices and support IEC 61850 standards.
  • In today’s environment of looming economic challenges, increasingly complex regulations, and reduced engineering staffs, you can rely on SEL to provide solutions that help you operate more safely and efficiently than ever before.

Rugged and Reliable—Guaranteed

SEL products are designed and manufactured for the world’s most challenging environments, exceeding all industry standards for temperature, shock, and electric stress. An optional conformal coating for circuit boards adds an extra level of protection against contaminants in extreme environments.

Every SEL product comes with a ten-year warranty—the best in the electric power industry. If any product fails under warranty, we’ll repair or replace it for free.

Prefabricated retrofit bezels, easy mounting adapters, flexible I/O options, and fast settings make it easy to upgrade your protection systems. Programmable buttons, and user-configurable faceplate labels make SEL relays easy to use.

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Power System and Electrical Equipment Protection

Use SEL products to protect essential electrical infrastructure, maximize uptime, keep workers safe, drive process improvement, and reduce energy costs and consumption.

SEL provides reliable, proven, and comprehensive solutions for:

  • Motor protection—including electrical, thermal, and vibration monitoring and protection.
  • Protection and management of electrical feeders and utility grid connections.
  • Power quality and metering.
  • Resilient power management and uninterrupted power delivery.
  • IEC 61850 integration.

SEL-751 Feeder Protection Relay

Electrical feeder protection, automation, and control capabilities, all in one package.

  • Arc-flash detection and mitigation with dual detection methods for speed and security.
  • Fault location and event analysis.
  • Situational awareness and asset monitoring.
  • Integration with control centers via SCADA protocols.
  • Rated for hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

SEL-851 Feeder Protection Relay

Electrical feeder protection, monitoring, and control in a compact package.

  • Comprehensive current, voltage, and frequency elements to protect low- and medium-voltage feeders.
  • Arc-flash detection for secure, reliable, and fast-acting protection.
  • Universal hardware to help reduce maintenance expenses.
  • Advanced communications for system integration.
  • Reduced commissioning time with SEL Grid Configurator.

SEL-849 Motor Management Relay

Comprehensive motor protection plus arc-flash detection and power metering. Install the SEL-849 inside a motor control center (MCC), and connect it to an external HMI if desired.

  • Motor protection features, including short-circuit, load loss, load jam, frequent starting, imbalanced current, and phase reversal protection as well as an advanced thermal model.
  • Built-in arc-flash detection for secure, reliable, and fast-acting protection.
  • Can be configured to protect feeder circuits.
  • Metering and monitoring functions for system awareness and rapid diagnostics.
  • Integration into supervisory or coordinated protection and control systems.

SEL-710-5 Motor Protection Relay

Synchronous and induction motor protection, starting control, broken rotor bar detection, and built-in arc-flash detection. The SEL-710-5 also supports power factor regulation.


SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Bay Control System

Complete substation bay control with high-speed breaker protection and simplified settings in one economical system. The SEL-451 offers flexible bus configurations for easy status indication and control of up to 20 disconnect switches and two breakers.

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SEL-700G Generator Protection Relay

Reliable, comprehensive protection for generators of any size. The SEL-700G also features flexible I/O, advanced communications capabilities, and a variety of mounting options.


SEL-787 Transformer Protection Relay

A versatile relay with comprehensive transformer protection features and built-in metering functions. The SEL-787 is rated for hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Safety Solutions

Arc-flash mitigation and high- and low-impedance fault detection are built into our protective relays, making it easier to implement robust, coordinated electric safety solutions.


Arc-Flash Mitigation

SEL provides an integrated, scalable arc-flash mitigation solution in low- and medium-voltage switchgear.

  • Dual detection method combines fast overcurrent and fiber-optic light sensing to provide ultra-fast reaction time and avoid false activations.
  • The integrated and coordinated SEL solution is easier than competing systems to install and maintain—and is more reliable.

These SEL products are available with integrated arc-flash mitigation features:


Bus Differential Protection

Industrial facilities seeking to implement arc-flash mitigation with electrical bus protection schemes can use SEL bus differential relays to accelerate fault detection and reduce fault duration in switchgear and buses. High- and low-impedance bus differential schemes provide fast detection (less than 1.5 cycles) and secure fault clearing—reducing incident energy without impacting upstream or downstream devices and with no manual intervention.

Use these SEL products to add arc-flash protection to your bus differential protection scheme:

Process Improvement and Efficiency

SEL power control and automation solutions securely integrate the electric power system’s status and data into plant control systems for increased efficiency and better decision-making.

Implement SEL solutions to:

  • Improve power system status visibility with SCADA integration.
  • Simplify power system monitoring for better and faster decision-making.
  • Integrate power system protection and plant control with IEC 61850 standards.
  • Manage and reduce energy cost and consumption.
  • Strengthen your cyber defenses with secure, reliable communications.

SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter

Monitor the electric power system to ensure power quality and manage consumption. Pair the SEL-735 with SEL meter reporting software to optimize your system and reduce costs by analyzing data, identifying usage trends, and diagnosing system problems.


SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)

Our most powerful automation controller—ideal for automation and integration of protection systems, both large and small.

  • Robust cybersecurity—make the SEL-3555 RTAC the secure access point into your power management system.
  • SCADA Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)—includes protocol conversion, SCADA communications, synchrophasors, time synchronization, data management, and custom logic.
  • Data concentration and communication—integrate IEC 61850 data and communicate with any device.

SEL-2240 Axion

Remote data acquisition in a rugged, modular platform designed and built for critical applications that require 24/7 availability. Choose versions with 4 or 10 slots, and mix and match the I/O modules to fit your application. Each Axion becomes a node in your control network, sending deterministic fiber-optic communications to remote terminal units (RTUs) and relays.

3360 Family


A hardened computing platform built to withstand harsh environments and keep critical processes running. SEL hardened computers achieve over ten times the mean time between failures (MTBF) of typical industrial computers and come with our unconditional ten-year warranty.

Secure Network Communications

Use SEL devices to create a local area network and allow data exchange between relays and automation controllers in your power system.


SEL-2742S Software-Defined Network Switch

The SEL-2742S is a 12-port DIN-rail- or surface-mounted software-defined network (SDN) switch for industrial environments. SDN improves LAN cybersecurity, network management, change control, and data collection for cybersecurity audits.


SEL-3622 Security Gateway

A router, VPN endpoint, and firewall device with strong, easy-to-manage cybersecurity and physical antitampering features. Protect and manage access to multiple IEDs from a single, secure device.

Resilient Power Systems

SEL power system protection and control solutions prevent process interruption, maintain uptime, and protect your operational technology networks against cyber attacks. Our products and solutions are designed with simplicity and resilience in mind.

With SEL solutions, you can:

  • Integrate in-plant and distributed generation sources.
  • Shed load intelligently to keep critical processes running.
  • Operate as an islanded microgrid.
  • Implement cybersecure protection and control systems.

Power Management

Ensure power system resiliency in the event of electrical service interruptions or utility grid failures. SEL powerMAX Power Management and Control Systems feature:

  • High-speed protection capabilities to safeguard your plant’s electric infrastructure.
  • Automatic source transfer to keep critical processes running.
  • The ability to seamlessly island and reconnect to the utility grid as conditions demand.
  • Integration of distributed energy resources and renewables.
  • Complete power management capabilities.

powerMAX Power Management Solutions —Our expert engineers can design and commission a fully integrated, turnkey power management solution that ensures maximum control and reliability.

Industrial PowerMax

Cybersecurity Services

SEL Engineering Services can partner with you to create secure, layered defenses for your operational technology (OT) systems and make sure they stay secure with streamlined full lifecycle support.

SEL Solutions in Action


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Unbeatable Support

SEL support teams are stationed in regional offices around the world and staffed with application engineers who are experts in our products and in power system applications.

Technical support for SEL-manufactured devices is always free. No matter how often you need to call or how long your SEL products have been in service, you’ll reach an SEL expert who can provide the service and support you need.

Our cybersecurity team is always ready with the information and resources needed to keep your OT networks and critical systems secure and working effectively. Cyber services support contracts can include incident response, audits, system hardening, and more, depending on your anticipated needs.