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SEL Helps Nucor Steel Keep Rolling

SEL Helps Nucor Steel Keep Rolling



As the largest steel producer in the United States, Nucor Corporation relies on electric power to keep its steel mills rolling. Steel production is the largest energy-consuming industry in the world, with energy costs making up about 20 percent of the total cost of making steel.

To ensure reliable access to power, Nucor has systematically upgraded eight of their 35 kV gas insulated switchgear (GIS) lineup at their Decatur, Alabama, mill.

However, their latest upgrade (GIS Unit 9) presented some unique challenges. Very tight space constraints meant that Nucor needed to move all switchgear equipment via cranes, which required streamlined panel installation. Secondly, Nucor had to meet a tight deadline—they needed to complete the installation within a 3.5-day outage window instead of their usual 6-day outage window.

Customer Profile

Customer: Nucor Corporation

Location: Decatur, Alabama

Industry: Metals and Mining

Application: Feeder Protection and Engineering Services

[SEL’s approach] was instrumental in this project being completed on time and under budget.
Steven FrickElectrical Engineer, Nucor Corporation

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