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SEL generator protection solutions provide complete primary and backup protection from all types of faults. Using these devices helps you avoid expensive equipment damage and failure while maintaining system performance and increasing availability.

Generator Protection

SEL generator protection devices provide complete protection for all types and sizes of generators and prime movers.

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Transformer Protection

SEL devices protect valuable transformers in power generation systems, including generator step-up transformers.

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Electrical Balance of Plant

Protect motors, feeders, and other station service equipment with SEL relays, and integrate these devices into plant control systems.

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Remote I/O

Remote I/O modules transfer data from remote locations over fiber and expand the I/O of SEL relays, automation controllers, and other devices without modification to the control panel face.

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Configuration and Visualization Software

SEL software helps you optimize the configuration of your device and visualize power system events.

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Panels and Enclosures

Pre-engineered or custom panels and enclosures help keep costs low and increase system reliability when used for retrofit upgrades and new equipment installations.

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