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Custom Panel Solutions

Panels and Enclosures

SEL designs, manufactures, tests, and delivers custom protection, control, and metering panels as well as control cabinets and retrofit doors. SEL panels are supported by an unmatched warranty and extraordinary customer service. Panels, cabinets, and doors are built to match customer specifications and needs.

SEL tests the final implementation of every manufactured system before shipping, reducing overall project costs and engineering time. SEL’s testing contributes to easier and faster commissioning.

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  • Consulting and engineering design
  • Panel manufacturing and testing
  • Protection, automation, and control equipment manufacturing
  • Field service
  • Standard cabinet design
  • Indoor and outdoor design
  • Submersible cabinets for underground distribution and automation

Testing, Commissioning, and Engineering Services

SEL thoroughly tests every solution by performing factory acceptance tests (FATs), which include continuity or operational testing. Per customer request, logic settings validation, complete functional testing, and system integration testing are performed. SEL factory-trained and industry-experienced engineers deliver complete solutions and perform on-site setup and commissioning from installation and wiring to site acceptance testing (SAT).

SEL provides complete turnkey solutions to meet the needs of transmission and distribution applications for utilities and industrial customers. SEL Job Done solutions include all communications, automation, protection, and control equipment for new installations or retrofit applications.

Custon Panels


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