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Generator Protection

Generator Protection

Apply SEL generator protection products and avoid expensive equipment damage and failure while maintaining system performance and increasing availability. SEL quality-tested features provide complete primary and backup protection from all types of faults. Upgrade to an SEL world-class protection system today, and be confident that your generation system will be working tomorrow.

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Advantages of SEL Generator Protection

  • SEL products lead the industry with the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) (over 300 years).
  • Ten-year, no-hassle warranty.
  • Large range of use with low base prices and optional generator protection features for custom systems.
  • Easy application and quick retrofitting abilities.

Automatic Synchronization

View generator autosynchronizer, Sequential Events Recorder (SER), and 180-cycle oscillographic event reports to analyze generator startup, shutdown, or system faults. Measure electrical, thermal, and generator run-time quantities. Record accumulated breaker contact wear with the breaker monitor function, which uses manufacturer specifications for defining breaker operation limits. The internal monitor tracks the total number of close/open operations and integrates interrupted current per phase.


System Components


SEL-700G Generator Protection Relay

The SEL-700G is the right solution for utility and industrial generator protection, with an autosynchronizer, flexible I/O, and advanced communications. Apply the SEL-700G for comprehensive primary and backup generator protection.


SEL-300G Generator Relay

In order to make technology available for the first time that complies with IEEE turbine protection standards, SEL has applied its expertise in the production of microprocessor-based relays to create the SEL-300G. SEL designed the SEL-300G to meet the needs of a variety of users, including utility and industrial power plants and generator set manufacturers.


SEL-2664 Field Ground Module

Add the SEL-2664  to the SEL-300G or SEL-700G to protect all the critical components in your generator with one comprehensive relay. Or, add the SEL-2664 to the SEL-2664S to complete ground fault protection on both the rotor and stator.


SEL-2664S Stator Ground Protection Relay

Protect high-impedance grounded generators from ground faults at standstill, during startup, and while running by using the multisine frequency injection and neutral overvoltage-based protection in the SEL-2664S.


SEL-547 Distributed Generator Interconnection Relay

Apply the flexible SEL-547 at the transfer switch site (interconnection point between the utility and the customer) and at each individual generator site. When the SEL-547 at the transfer switch site detects utility supply problems, it separates the customer system from the utility supply. When the SEL-547 at an individual generator site detects a system problem that could adversely affect the generator, it separates the individual generator from the rest of the system. The SEL-547 product flyer figures show examples of the SEL-547 “in action” at the transfer switch site and at an individual generator site. Other applications and scenarios are possible.


SEL-2600 RTD Module

Measure and transmit data from up to 12 RTDs and a single contact status located in transformers, breakers, motors, generators, or other system apparatus.


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