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Transformer Monitor

The SEL-2414 provides standalone or distributed monitoring and control of transformers to manage and protect critical assets. Choose from the flexible communications options to connect to a substation distributed SCADA or automation system, or a SCADA master. Choose I/O options that fit your unique needs, from detecting oil levels and sudden pressure to alerting alarm systems or control functions. The SEL-2414 withstands harsh physical and electrical environments and is built and tested to meet mission-critical IEEE and IEC protective relay standards. It is protected by SEL's no-questions-asked, worldwide, ten-year product warranty.

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Monitor Transformer Life—Track transformer loss-of-life using the IEEE C57.91-2011 or IEC 60076-7:2018 thermal model for various winding configurations (including three sets of single-phase transformers). Directly measure ambient and top oil temperatures with a resistance temperature detector (RTD) or thermocouple (TC) input card. Monitor both digital and analog sensor outputs, such as oil level and pressure. In addition, through-fault monitoring helps track events that cause mechanical and thermal stress to transformers.

Monitor Load Tap Position and Control—With the optional 14 digital input card, the SEL-2414 monitors as many as 32 tap positions with one or three neutral tap positions and monitors the raise and lower controls. When a tap position fails to change or if an unexpected tap position occurs, the SEL-2414 asserts an alarm. Individual tap position monitoring is possible via the nonvolatile variables, while voltage regulation is implemented with measured voltages, timers, and analog control variables.

Control Transformers and Fan Banks—Control load tap changers (LTCs) in a wide variety of applications, from distribution transformers to large autotransformers. In addition, exercise transformer cooling fans to eliminate maintenance surprises during critical load conditions. Separately control fan banks to balance cooling duty cycles and increase the life of cooling systems. Implement LTC and fan control with the design templates in acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software.

Increase System Awareness—In addition to basic metering, such as voltage and current measurements, the SEL-2414 also provides metrics, such as maximum/minimum metering, demand and peak demand values, and energy data. Thermal model reports allow you to accurately trend the transformer’s load and correlate the data with other system parameters. Use the meter data to better manage your assets and plan for future expansion.


    1. 1

      2 × 16 character LCD provides navigation, control, data, and diagnostics via default messages or customizable display messages.

    2. 2

      Optional surface-mount chassis is available.

    3. 3

      Simple front-panel navigation provides operator access to settings and operational data.

    4. 4

      Programmable front-panel LEDs with user-configurable labels alert operators to conditions.

    5. 5

      Programmable operator pushbuttons with user-configurable labels allow front-panel customization.

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      Standard I/O includes three digital outputs and two digital inputs.

    2. 2

      Wide variety of protocols and media options allow communication with other devices and control systems.

    3. 3

      Optional fiber-optic serial port provides quick and easy access.

    4. 4

      Ten RTD inputs card option increases I/O.

    5. 5

      Four available slots for SELect I/O cards expand application options.

    6. 6

      Three ac current/three ac voltage inputs option.

    7. 7

      Four ac current inputs option.



Advanced Asset Monitoring
Monitor critical substation assets with comprehensive transformer thermal and through-fault monitoring. Calculate top oil, hotspot, insulation aging acceleration factor, and loss-of-life while generating hourly and daily data about your transformer. Capture through-fault current data that could lead to increased transformer wear. Assert alarms based on the thermal condition of the transformer or on other monitored conditions.

Flexible I/O for Local Control and System Applications
Choose I/O options that include digital inputs for status, such as oil level and sudden pressure, as well as load tap position control and monitoring; RTD inputs for such measurements as ambient, top-oil, and hot-spot temperatures; digital outputs for control and alarms; analog inputs and outputs; and ac current and voltage inputs. Easily program monitoring and control functions with powerful logic, math, timers, counters, and edge-trigger functions. These features allow easy integration with new and retrofit transformer monitor applications.

Local Control With SELogic Control Equations
Easily program with powerful math and logic. Use control equations with logic, arithmetic, analog comparison, edge-trigger, and timer functions for automatic local control and to combine data into system information. Time-deterministic, high-speed processing is ideal for time-critical applications.

AC Metering Capabilities
Measure and record voltage, current, power, energy, power factor, and frequency; demand/peak demand metering; and maximum/minimum metering with extensive ac metering and monitoring capabilities. Apply values in programmable calculations and triggers within the meter.

Critical Reporting and Logging
Store up to 512 Sequential Events Recorder (SER) reports of digital input transitions, time-tagged to the nearest millisecond. Analyze SER reports, analog trending, and oscillographic event reports for rapid commissioning, testing, and post-event diagnostics. Send the SER data to a communications processor or computer for system analysis.

Communications and Integration
Automate fan bank control with flexible communications options that provide easy integration with SCADA. Choose from Ethernet, Modbus TCP, DNP3 LAN/WAN, IEC 61850 Edition 2 (including mode behavior), the Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), Telnet, FTP, Modbus Serial, EIA-232, EIA-485, and DNP3 RTU protocols.

Simple Commissioning Tools
Easily set with acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software. The front-panel HMI provides complete configuration access and displays settings, measurements, and calculated values. Store transformer parameters in nameplate.txt files and nameplate and test data configurations with QuickSet.

High Reliability, Rugged Design, and Low Price
Built to the same high standards as SEL protective relays, the SEL-2414 withstands vibration, electrical surges, fast transients, and extreme temperatures, meeting stringent industry standards. Compare our specification compliance, higher reliability, price, and worldwide, ten-year warranty to other transformer monitors. For even harsher environments, order conformal coating for the printed circuit boards to provide an additional barrier to harsh environments and airborne contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, salt, and moisture.

Flexible I/O

The base unit includes three digital outputs and two digital inputs. There are four card slots for optional SELect I/O cards, including the following:

  • Serial communications (EIA-232/EIA-485)
  • 8 analog inputs (AI)
  • 8 digital inputs (DI)
  • 14 DI
  • 8 digital outputs (DO)—electromechanical (8 Form A; 8 Form B; 6 Form A, 2 Form B; or 2 Form A, 6 Form B)
  • 4 DI, 3 DO (2 Form C, 1 Form B)—electromechanical
  • 4 DI, 4 DO—electromechanical
  • 4 DI, 4 DO—high-speed, fast high-current interrupting
  • 4 AI, 4 analog outputs (AO)
  • 3 ac voltage inputs
  • 4 ac current inputs
  • 3 ac current and 3 ac voltage inputs
  • 10 RTD inputs
  • 10 RTD/TC inputs

Integrated Communications

The SEL-2414 offers communications media and protocol options for integration into both new and existing applications.

  • Communications Media
    • EIA-232 or EIA-485 card
    • Single or dual Ethernet ports (10/100BASE-T or 100BASE-FX)
    • Fiber-optic port
  • Communication Protocols
    • DNP3 LAN/WAN and DNP3 Serial
    • IEC 61850


The SEL Mounting Selector provides mounting options and enclosure kits for new or retrofit applications.

Minimum QuickSet Version

Product Revision Z Number Minimum Software Version
SEL-2414 R314-V0 011

Latest Firmware Versions

There are no firmware versions available for this product.

Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
SEL-2414 R400-V3 SEL-2414-R400-V3-Z013011-D20220415 5/4/22 ~3221240001

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Minimum QuickSet Version

Product Revision Z Number Minimum Software Version
SEL-2414 R314-V0 011

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