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Control Switch Module

Use the SEL-9510 Control Switch Module everywhere independent local control is needed. High-visibility status indication and arc-suppressed contacts are ideal for breaker control and other applications.

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$320 USD

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Independent Local Operation—Install the control switch module in any panel or rack location for independent control of switching applications, such as breaker operation, ground select, alternate setting selection, or motor-operated switch operation. The SEL-9510 Control Switch Module operates independently and is not affected by protection or supervisory systems.

Ruggedness and Versatility—Apply the SEL-9510 in substations and control centers, with its rugged housing, jumper-selectable indicator voltage, and ac/dc compatibility.

Improved Visibility—Add high-visibility open and close status indication for heightened awareness.

Contact Arc Suppression—Help eliminate internal contact wear with field-tested and proven SEL arc-suppression technology.


    1. 1

      High-visibility LED indication

    2. 2

      High-visibility LED indication

    3. 3

      Configurable label for custom applications

    4. 4

      Available pushbutton covers for added security

    5. 5

      Available colored lenses for various switch applications

    1. 1

      Jumper-selectable indicator voltage

    2. 2

      Rugged enclosure for reliable performance in harsh environments

    3. 3

      Arc-suppressed contacts for high reliability

    4. 4

      Independent status contacts for flexible reporting



High-Visibility Status Indication
See status from almost any angle and at a distance with large indicators.

Arc-Suppressed Contacts
Decrease contact wear with SEL’s arc-suppression technology, field-tested and proven to reduce contact damage and provide years of reliable service.

Easy to Install
Quickly and easily install and commission the SEL-9510 with convenient panel-mount and several rack-mount options.

Rugged and Versatile
Apply the SEL-9510 in substations, industrial areas, and control centers, with its rugged housing, jumper-selectable indicator voltage, and ac/dc compatibility.

Independent, Local Operation
Use the SEL-9510 for applications that require local control independent from protection and supervisory systems.

  • Pushbutton cover kit
  • Configurable labels
  • Pushbutton colored lens kit
  • Mounting kits
    • One-unit, 19-inch rack mount
    • Two-unit, 19-inch rack mount
    • Three-unit, 19-inch rack mount
    • One-unit, half 19-inch rack mount (for use next to an SEL-500 series relay)

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

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