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Advanced Recloser Control

The SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control offers exceptional protection and communications capabilities for Automatic Network Reconfiguration, three-phase and single-phase tripping, and other distribution automation needs. These capabilities help you maintain reliable service to as many customers as possible in the event of a fault.

Quickly commission the SEL-651R by applying just the settings you need using SEL QuickSet Design Templates. Easy-to-use Design Templates create a simplified settings interface and can be customized for your needs. Store design templates on the recloser control for quick access when making settings changes.

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Customer Outage Minimization—Reduce system and customer impacts with single-phase tripping and reclosing. Improve reliability by maintaining service to customers who are not on the faulted phase of the feeder. Supported operating modes include: three-phase trip/reclose, three-phase lockout; single-phase trip/reclose, three-phase lockout; single-phase trip/reclose, single-phase lockout; and single-phase trip/reclose, single-phase lockout with three-phase lockout if more than one phase is involved.

Distributed Generation Protection—Protect both the utility and the independent power producer with one low-cost device. Apply directional protection and simultaneously use different protection settings for faults in either direction. Protect the system from voltage angle differences by enabling synchronism check before closing.

Load Shedding—Use underfrequency and undervoltage elements to implement basic load-shedding schemes. For more advanced load-shedding schemes, take advantage of the rate-of-change-of-frequency (ROCOF) elements to shed load for increasing or decreasing frequency.

Communications-Assisted Protection Schemes—Integrate the SEL-651R  into either Ethernet- or serial-based communications networks with standard DNP3 and Modbus protocols or optional IEC 61850. Use communications for local and remote engineering access, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), real-time protection and control, loop restoration, islanding detection, blocking, and fast bus tripping schemes.

Inrush Detection—Detect transformer energization or motor startup, and block tripping for inrush conditions with a second-harmonic blocking element. Implement the harmonic detection element to block selected tripping elements until the inrush subsides.

High-Impedance Fault Detection—Detect downed conductors and high-impedance faults with the optional Arc Sense technology. Learn more about this exciting technology.

Fault Location—Combine SEL fault indicators with recloser controls to pinpoint the exact location of a fault, even on lateral feeds—something neither product can do on its own. When a fault occurs, the SEL recloser control reports the distance from the recloser to the fault; however, for lines with branches, the recloser control cannot determine on which branch of the line the fault has occurred. By following the line along the tripped fault indicators, the line crew can easily find the fault area.

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Control Cable Interface
Select control interfaces for reclosers from ABB, Cooper, G&W, Hawker-Siddeley, Joslyn, Siemens, Tavrida, and Thomas & Betts. See the Recloser Compatibility table to learn more about the supported recloser models.

Select the painted stainless steel versions of our enclosures for superior corrosion resistance, especially in areas prone to salt or other corrosive chemicals. Add a three-point latch mechanism to either the painted steel or painted stainless steel versions of our enclosures for added security.

LEA Voltage Inputs
Reduce costs and save space with LEA voltage inputs. Use LEA inputs for three or all six voltage input channels. Many popular reclosers have the sensors built right into the recloser bushings (eliminating the need to hang and wire potential transformers to measure the line voltages) and are supported by the SEL-651R.

High-Impedance Fault Detection
Detect more high-impedance faults than with traditional protection by using Arc Sense technology.

Additional Inputs and Outputs
Add seven inputs and eight outputs. Options include: seven 12 V inputs with five Form A outputs and two Form C outputs, or two 125 V inputs and five 12 V inputs with five Form A outputs and two Form C outputs.

USB Port
Gather event reports and send and receive settings faster with the optional USB port.

EIA-485 Port
Increase communications flexibility with the addition of the EIA-485 port.

Choose from single-fiber, dual-redundant copper, and dual-redundant fiber Ethernet port upgrade options.

IEC 61850
Easily integrate the SEL-651R into your IEC 61850 communications systems.

Power Supply
Select from 230 Vac, 125 Vdc, or 48 Vdc alternatives to the standard 120 Vac power supply.

Upgrade to the 40 Ah extended capacity battery to increase your operation time after a loss of ac power.

Configurable Labels
Customize your control pushbutton and target LEDs to match your application and workflow with the user-configurable label insert kit.

Tricolor LEDs
Program the pushbutton and target LEDs to display as red, amber, or green to meet your application needs and preferences.

Select one of the accessories from our published list, or contact us with your specific needs.