Combustion and Combined-Cycle

Provide reliable protection, control, integration, and synchronization of your plant’s mission-critical generation functions with an SEL solution. SEL offerings for combustion and combined-cycle generation include:

  • Comprehensive generator and step-up transformer protection.
  • Secure communications for integration into plant control systems.
  • Automation, annunciation, precise time, and equipment monitoring.

You can use SEL products to:

Reciprocating Generators

Protect diesel and natural gas reciprocating generators with SEL-700G Generator Protection Relays. They provide ideal standalone protection for generator installations and are ready to integrate with plant control systems.

SEL-700G Generator Protection Relay

A complete protection and synchronization solution for generators of any size. Flexible I/O, advanced communications capabilities, and a variety of mounting options make it ideal for upgrades and retrofits.

  • Current differential protection
  • Breaker wear monitoring
  • Islanding detection
  • Synchronization to the grid
  • Metering and reporting functions
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Combined-Cycle Generation

Protect and control large combined-cycle generation systems—including step-up transformers—with a solution based on the SEL-400G Advanced Generator Protection System.

SEL-400G Advanced Generator Protection System

Advanced protection for generators, generator buses, and generator step-up (GSU) transformers, all in one package. Automatically synchronize frequency, voltage, and phase control. Detect faults faster, limit generator damage, and return to service faster.

  • Comprehensive stator fault protection
  • Injection-based rotor/field winding protection (SEL-400G plus SEL-2664S Stator Ground Protection Relay and SEL-2664 Field Ground Module)
  • Synchronization to the grid
  • Metering and reporting
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SEL-2664S Stator Ground Protection Relay

Protect high-impedance grounded generators from ground faults at standstill, during startup, and while running.

  • Stator winding protection
  • Generator startup protection
  • Redundant protection for critical applications
  • Elimination of protection blind spots via frequency injection capability
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Monitoring, Control, and Integration

Communicate the relay status, stator temperature, and bearing temperature to the plant control system with SEL products.

SEL-2240 Axion

Remote data acquisition in a rugged, modular platform. Choose versions with 4 or 10 slots, and mix and match the modules to fit your application. Each Axion becomes a node in your plant control network, sending deterministic fiber-optic communications to remote terminal units (RTUs), relays, or programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

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SEL-3560 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)

Our most powerful automation controller—a powerful and flexible controller built for automation and integration of protection systems, both large and small.

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Communications and Cybersecurity

SEL communications solutions help ensure that your communications networks are reliable, cybersecure, and compliant with NERC CIP auditing requirements.

Engineering Services

Let us partner with you to create an SEL solution for your system. From engineering studies and system design through commissioning and training, SEL engineers bring inventiveness and a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of electric power systems to every project. No matter how complex or sophisticated the system, we can help you protect, simplify, and control it.

Products and Service You Can Rely On

SEL products are designed and manufactured for the world’s most challenging environments, exceeding all industry standards for temperature, shock, and electric stress. An optional conformal coating for circuit boards adds an extra level of protection against contaminants in extreme  environments.

Every SEL product comes with a ten-year warranty—the best in the industry. If any product fails under warranty, we’ll repair or replace it for free.

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about SEL products, services, solutions, or support, please contact us. Our service and support professionals are ready to provide the answers you need.

Unbeatable Support

SEL support teams are stationed in regional offices around the world and staffed with application engineers who are experts in our products and in power system applications.

Technical support for SEL-manufactured devices is always free. No matter how often you need to call or how long your SEL products have been in service, you’ll reach an SEL expert who can provide the service and support you need.

Our cybersecurity team is always ready with the information and resources needed to keep your OT networks and critical systems secure and working effectively. Cyber services support contracts can include incident response, audits, system hardening, and more, depending on your anticipated needs.

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