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Motor Management Relay

The SEL-849 is a versatile product suited for both industrial and utility applications. It offers current-, voltage-, and thermal-based motor protection; current- and voltage-based feeder protection; arc-flash detection; and power metering.

The SEL-849 installs easily inside a motor control center (MCC) bucket or a control panel. The optional SEL-3421 and SEL-3422 Motor Relay HMIs allow for simple remote communications.

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Motor Protection—The SEL-849 provides all basic motor protection features, including protection for short-circuit, load loss, load jam, frequent-starting, unbalanced current, and phase reversal conditions. Protect low- or medium-voltage three-phase induction and variable-frequency drive (VFD)-fed motors with an enhanced thermal model. Connect an external core-balanced current transformer (CBCT) to obtain sensitive ground-fault detection in high-impedance grounded systems.

Feeder Protection—Configure flexible instantaneous and time overcurrent elements (e.g., overcurrent, voltage, directional power) to protect low-voltage feeder circuits.

Metering and Monitoring—Analyze SER reports and oscillographic event reports for rapid commissioning, testing, and post-fault diagnostics. Reduce separately mounted metering/monitoring devices by taking advantage of the SEL-849 relay’s motor start report, motor start trending, motor operating statistics, energy metering, minimum/maximum metering, and demand metering features.

Arc-Flash Mitigation—Improve worker safety using the relay’s built-in arc-flash detection (AFD). The AFD, supervised by overcurrent elements, delivers secure, reliable, and fast-acting arc-flash protection.

Direct Connection—Connect up to 690 V to the optional voltage inputs and up to 256 FLA (full-load amperes) through the built-in CT primary circuits. Use external instrument transformers for higher voltages or currents.

Optional HMIs—Install SEL-849 relays in MCC buckets, and connect the optional display modules (SEL-3421 or SEL-3422) outside the MCC for secure and safe relay access.

Integration—Select from a variety of communications ports and protocols—IEC 61850 Edition 1, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, EtherNet/IP, the IEC 62439 Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP), DNP3, SEL ASCII, and SNTP—to integrate SEL-849 relays into supervisory or coordinated protection and control systems.


    1. 1

      EIA-232 or EIA-485 provides quick and easy engineering access.

    2. 2

      Optical sensor supports high-speed, secure arc-flash detection.

    3. 3

      You can use space-saving portals for motor conductors with a full-load ampere (FLA) rating range of 0.5–256 A or external CTs for an FLA rating of up to 6,000 A.

    4. 4

      Optional direct-connect voltage inputs (allowing up to 690 Vac) enable voltage-based protection elements.

    5. 5

      HMI powered Ethernet port lets you review status and event records externally to improve safety

    6. 6

      A wide variety of communications protocols and media provide flexibility to communicate with other devices and control systems.

    7. 7

      Power supply options include 110–240 Vac, 125–250 Vdc; or 24–48 Vdc.

    8. 8

      Connectors for the thermistor input and AO let you monitor the equipment temperature and integrate with a distributed control system (DCS).

    9. 9

      Connectors for DIs and DOs provide a convenient way to issue control signals and monitor equipment.

    1. 1

      Large LCD display for navigation, relay control, and diagnostics

    2. 2

      Context-adjusted navigation keys

    3. 3

      Two fixed and eight programmable tricolored LEDs

    4. 4

      Fundamental motor controls

    1. 1

      Simple HMI for status and control

    2. 2

      Configurable label for programmable LEDs



Multiple Applications

The SEL-849 offers low-voltage motor protection in virtually all applications, including pumping, air-based, chiller, and bulk-material applications. It can be configured as a motor, variable-frequency drive (VFD) motor, or feeder protection relay. It can also be used as a telemetry device for monitoring, metering, and control.

Compact Design for MCCs

A primary application for the SEL-849 is for overload and arc-flash protection of MCCs. In this application, the SEL-849 operates the contactor, controlling the start and stop of the motor. The SEL-849 receives start/stop commands with Ethernet-based industrial control protocols, contact inputs, or the remote HMI Start and Stop pushbuttons. The compact form-factor—71.1 mm (2.8 in) X 127.0 mm (5 in) X 152.4 mm (6 in)—easily installs in MCC drawers and buckets. Built-in current transformers save room and reduce installation time.

Telemetry Functionality

The SEL-849 is an excellent choice for telemetry applications for monitoring, metering, and control. Its small size, low cost, multiple communications options, and remote HMI options make the relay a perfect option for power distribution systems for such uses as end-of-line monitoring and power metering.

Easy-to-Use Web Interface

The web interface makes it easy for electricians and technicians to configure and monitor the SEL-849.

Easy Integration With Control Systems

Several communications protocol options, such as IEC 61850 Edition 1 and EtherNet/IP, allow the SEL-849 to be used with old and new control systems. Pick multiple sessions of Modbus TCP, Modbus serial, DNP3 LAN/WAN, or DNP3 serial for custom configuration of your applications. When dual Ethernet ports are selected, the relay also supports IEC 62439 PRP and fast failover switching. For maximum flexibility, the SEL-849 includes options for internally wetted or externally wetted contact inputs.

Arc-Flash Hazard Protection

MCCs typically have large fault-current potential, resulting in increased arc-flash hazards. The SEL-849 relay’s arc-flash detection capability significantly reduces total arc-flash energy.

Rugged Hardware You Can Rely On

All SEL relays are designed to operate in harsh environments where other relays may fail. The SEL-849 operates in extreme conditions, with an operating temperature of –40° to +85°C, and is designed and tested to exceed applicable standards, including vibration, electromagnetic compatibility, and adverse environmental conditions.

  • Additional Ethernet port
  • EtherNet/IP
  • IEC 61850 Edition 1
  • DNP3 serial and LAN/WAN
  • PRP with dual Ethernet ports
  • Additional EIA-232/EIA-485 communications port
  • Additional digital and analog I/O (6 DI/1 AO)
  • Externally wetted contact inputs (6 DI or 6 DI/1 AO)
  • 690 V direct-connect voltage inputs and voltage-based protection elements
  • Conformal coating (optional in the SEL-849 and standard in the SEL-3421 and SEL-3422 HMI modules)
  • Retrofit Replacement Kits—Replace existing motor protection relays with SEL-849 direct replacement kits and mounting adapters:

Minimum Software Version

Product Revision Z Number acSELerator QuickSet Version SEL Grid Configurator Version
SEL-849 R106-V2 003


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How to Install SEL Direct-Replacement Assemblies

Latest Firmware Versions

There are no firmware versions available for this product.

Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
SEL-3421 R105-V0 SEL-3421-R105-V0-Z000000-D20160509 7/22/16 ~1162040001
SEL-3422 R105-V0 SEL-3421-R105-V0-Z000000-D20160509 7/22/16 ~1162040001
SEL-849 R108-V1 SEL-849-R108-V1-Z005003-D20210917 10/15/21 ~3212880001
SEL-849 R107-V3 SEL-849-R107-V3-Z004002-D20210917 10/15/21 ~3212880001
SEL-849 R106-V6 SEL-849-R106-V6-Z003002-D20210917 10/15/21 ~3212880001

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Minimum Software Version

Product Revision Z Number acSELerator QuickSet Version SEL Grid Configurator Version
SEL-849 R106-V2 003

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