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Advanced Monitoring and Control System

The SEL-734B with low-energy analog (LEA) inputs provides advanced monitoring and control capabilities for applications, such as capacitor bank control and feeder monitoring. LEA sensor compatibility allows safe, fast, and inexpensive installations. Advanced communications report data to SCADA systems and allow remote operations from a control center.

Order enclosures with preloaded control schemes or design custom controls, such as capacitor bank controllers or sectionalizers, using acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software templates. SEL's capacitor bank control and sectionalizer templates improve efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce installation time and maintenance costs. User-customized templates add flexibility, improving any smart grid installation.

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Capacitor Bank Control—Choose capacitor bank switching strategies for voltage, kVAR, current, and power factor control with the SEL-734B. Easily toggle control strategies, such as between SCADA and automatic control, from the control center with DNP3 binary objects. Implement a SCADA heartbeat to switch to islanded automatic control if SCADA communication is lost. Customizable logic allows you to modify and create control schemes to adapt to your application.

Complete Automation—Order the SEL-734B preprogrammed for capacitor bank control, or customize it to suit virtually any need. Program the SEL-734B for sectionalizing, feeder monitoring, overcurrent detection (for use in locating faults), or virtually any other application demanded. Thirty-two SELogic control equation elements allow powerful control and monitoring schemes. With features from the SEL-734 Revenue Meter included, the SEL-734B offers the most flexible monitoring and control solution on the market.

Plug-and-Play Connections—Choose from multiple enclosure styles, various sensor input ranges, and customizable enclosures to make the SEL-734B a plug-and-play device. The SEL-734B is offered as a standalone device or is installed in a compact or full-sized enclosure with a variety of connections. Make your commissioning a plug-and-play experience with the SEL-734B.


The SEL-734B delivers leading-edge control to any distribution system. The following list highlights some of the unique benefits and capabilities of the SEL-734B.

Install the SEL-734B in applications that require conventional or LEA sensors.

  • 120 or 25 V voltage input ranges.
  • 10 V LEA or magnetic current transformer (CT) inputs.

Monitor, trend, and log system conditions.

  • Monitor active and reactive forward and reverse power flow.
  • Trend power system conditions with up to 192 recording channels.
  • Log years' worth of data at acquisition rates as fast as 3 seconds.

Increase system accuracy and versatility with Instrument Transformer Compensation (ITC).

  • Compensate for both phase and ratio errors over six calibration points to get the most accuracy from your instrument.
  • Shift the measured signal up to ±180º. The SEL-734B can compensate for this phase shift.

Detect high-distortion conditions with harmonic triggers up to the 50th order.

  • Configure independent thresholds to target specific harmonic components.
  • Map the triggers to the front-panel LEDs or configure the scrolling LCD to quickly alert local operators.
  • Add harmonic binary triggers and analog quantities to the DNP3 or Modbus map to inform SCADA operators.
  • Start an oscillography waveform recording when the harmonic trigger asserts for postanalysis.
  • Analyze detailed harmonic data easily through the front-panel menu or the human-machine interface (HMI).

Custom control schemes with programmable SELogic and acSELerator QuickSet design templates.

Backup radios, gateways, or other accessories with an integrated 30 or 40 W, 15 Vdc power supply/backup.

Minimum Software Version

Latest Firmware Versions

There are no firmware versions available for this product.

Product Revision Firmware ID Date Available Serial Number
SEL-734B R217-V0 SEL-734-R217-V0-Z107105-D20190911 10/2/19 ~3192750001

The Firmware IDs for older versions of the firmware can typically be found in Appendix A of the instruction manual.

Minimum Software Version

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acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software

QuickSet is a tool for engineers and technicians to quickly and easily configure, commission, and manage power system devices. QuickSet includes a Graphical Logic Editor and a device template tool to reduce configuration time and streamline deployment.

Learn more and download on the QuickSet software page.

Automated Data Collection

SEL Data Management and Automation (DMA) Application Suite

Available on the Blueframe platform, DMA applications automatically collect, store, and manage device-specific information like oscillography, Sequence of Events (SOE) data, device settings, and property information. They also provide automated password rotation and streamlined device audits.

Learn more on the DMA software page.

Visualization and Analysis

SEL-5601-2 synchroWAVe Event Software

synchroWAVe Event helps engineers diagnose a protective relay’s behavior during a power system fault. It is a powerful and easy-to-use solution for displaying and analyzing SEL relay event reports and COMTRADE files.

Learn more and download on the synchroWAVe Event software page.

SEL-5705 Synchrowave Reports

Synchrowave Reports automates reporting of metering and power quality data via email or web browser. Quickly identify trends, harmonic disturbances, and other power quality concerns to drive planning, operating, and accounting decisions that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Learn more and download on the Synchrowave Reports software page.