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Voltage Regulator Control

The SEL-2431 Voltage Regulator Control is compatible with most 32-step, single-phase voltage regulators manufactured in North America. Use various hinge and wiring kits to easily upgrade existing controls without removing the regulator from service. Quickly integrate the SEL-2431 into Ethernet or serial communications networks using fiber or copper options.

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Optimize System Voltage—Control system voltage with directional voltage profiles and detailed tap change event reports.

Install Into Multiple Power System Types—Apply locked-forward, locked-reverse, idle-reverse, bidirectional, or cogeneration operating modes.

Track Tap Position Accurately—Monitor motor current and holding switch status for accurate tap position tracking.

Monitor Motor Current—Monitor and troubleshoot your voltage regulator with recorded tap change motor current waveforms.

Integrate Into Distribution Automation Networks—Integrate the SEL-2431 into Ethernet or serial communications networks with DNP3, SEL, and synchrophasor protocols. Both the serial and the Ethernet ports are available with copper and fiber-optic connection options.

Reduce Commissioning Time—Accelerate installation and commissioning with application-specific settings. Regulate voltage, apply advanced metering, and implement event recording capabilities with fewer than 20 settings.

Quickly Retrieve Data—Event reports, tap change history, load profile data, and Sequential Events Recorder (SER) data are all available through the USB port or other communications interfaces. You may also use the USB port to quickly transfer settings, upgrade firmware, and expand onboard storage capacity.


    1. 1

      Neutral position indicator

    2. 2

      Configurable display points

    3. 3

      USB flash drive port

    4. 4

      Simple menu navigation

    5. 5

      Seven configurable pushbuttons and LEDs

    6. 6

      System status indicators

    7. 7

      Drag hand reset

    8. 8

      Ethernet link indication

    9. 9

      Internal/external power switch

    10. 10

      Raise/lower pushbuttons or toggle switch

    11. 11

      Separate fuses to protect the controller and the motor operator

    1. 1

      Optional “snap-in” communications cards

    2. 2

      Serial communications port

    3. 3

      Dual Ethernet communications ports

    4. 4

      Voltage input

    5. 5

      Chassis ground

    6. 6

      Current input

    7. 7

      Voltage regulator interface

    8. 8

      Connectorized® I/O



Built-In Reliability, Ten-Year Warranty
Reduce maintenance and repair costs with the industry’s only voltage regulator control with a worldwide, ten-year, no-questions-asked warranty.

Ethernet Communications
Quickly integrate the SEL-2431 into Ethernet or serial communications networks with DNP3, SEL, and synchrophasor protocols. The SEL-2431 comes standard with a copper or fiber serial communications card of your choice in Port 1. Populate Port 2 with another serial communications card or with a dual Ethernet communications card. Ethernet port options include copper and/or fiber.

USB Flash Drive Interface
Retrieve event reports, load profile information, tap history, and other system parameters with a USB flash drive. Stay connected to your system without a network for troubleshooting analysis and planning. The USB feature includes a secure authentication key, which is required for front-panel Level 2 access, reducing the risk of access by unauthorized personnel.

IEEE C37.118 Synchrophasors
Easily monitor your network with built-in IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors.

Rugged Design
Rely on the industry’s widest ambient temperature operating range, –40° to +85°C (–40° to +185°F).

Large Display and Operator Controls
Use the large front-panel display and programmable operator control interface pushbuttons for easy control.

Retrofit Replacement Kits
Replace existing voltage regulator controls with the SEL-2431 direct replacement mounting and wiring kits. These kits provide all the parts needed to easily replace existing controls with the SEL-2431.

  • Raise/lower toggle switch.
  • One additional communications port. Choose from:
    • EIA-232
    • EIA-485
    • Fiber-optic, 200 µm, multimode, V-pin connector
    • Fiber-optic, 62.5 µm, multimode, ST connector
    • Dual fiber Ethernet (100BASE-FX multimode)
    • Dual copper Ethernet (10/100BASE-T)
    • One copper Ethernet (10/100BASE-T) and one fiber Ethernet (100BASE-FX multimode)
    • Dual fiber Ethernet (100BASE-LX10 singlemode)
    • One copper Ethernet (10/100BASE-T) and one fiber Ethernet (100/BASE-LX10 singlemode)
  • USB Standard-A flash drive interface
  • With optional communications ports, choose from SEL ASCII, SEL Compressed ASCII, Fast Meter and Fast Operate, and DNP3 Level 2 Outstation protocols.
  • Conformal-coated circuit board.

Minimum QuickSet Version

Product Revision Z Number Minimum Software Version
SEL-2431 R118-V0 010

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