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Software-Defined Networking for OT

Defend against ransomware and other cyber attacks



Purpose-Engineered OT Networking

Meet the requirements for IEC 61850 and facility-related control systems with a networking solution that is purpose-engineered for OT environments. OT SDN delivers the deny-by-default cybersecurity, high-speed failover, situational awareness, and efficient traffic handling needed to reliably support critical systems and processes.

SDN 2742

Solve the Inherent Limitations of Ethernet

sdn ethernet switch

Eliminate Vulnerable Network Technology

Traditional networks use features like MAC tables, the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), and cast types for many conveniences, including plug-and-play functionality. However, these features also make traditional networking vulnerable to cybersecurity threats, including MAC flooding and table poisoning, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing, Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) attacks, and more.

With SEL SDN, all network flows and backup paths are specifically defined in the controller, so there is no need for MAC tables or RSTP. In addition, SDN uses traffic engineering to process forwarding behavior, rather than relying on cast types, which pose security risks.

Flowmatch diagram

100x Faster Failover

Mission-critical processes demand mission-critical performance. The SEL-2740S and SEL-2742S Software-Defined Network Switches fail over in less than 100 μs, compared to 10 ms for traditional networks. Because of our innovative approach to SDN technology, you get the proactive advantage of engineering all primary and failover circuit paths prior to commissioning. No more waiting for discovery or convergence times—your network already knows the next path.

Mission Critical 2
secure network infrastructure

More Traffic? No Problem.

With SDN, it’s easier to manage large amounts of network traffic than it is with traditional networking. The difference is that SDN eliminates unnecessary traffic on your network. Instead of having a node broadcast to all other nodes on the LAN, you can engineer specific paths and remove the extraneous ones. This capability ensures bandwidth availability and high performance in critical applications for anyone transitioning to the IEC 61850 standard. Learn how Itaipu dam engineers use SEL SDN.

Flow Auditor



Streamline Data Collection for NERC CIP Reporting

Use the SEL Flow Auditor software to streamline data collection for NERC CIP-007-6 R1 audit reports. Flow Auditor is the first application in the SEL-5057 SDN Application Suite. It collects network configurations from the SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller without the need for network scanning. With Flow Auditor, data collection takes minutes instead of hours or days.

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