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SEL University (SELU) is committed to providing unprecedented quality, depth, value, and experience to meet your power system training needs. Whether you attend courses scheduled in a nearby city or a tailored training program at your site, SELU can help you optimize the value of your protection system by producing a well-trained workforce capable of achieving superior system performance.

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Since its inception, SEL University (SELU) has had one clear purpose—to provide the education and training needed to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical. SELU develops programs to help you seamlessly integrate digital technologies into your expanding power system infrastructure. We offer standard or tailored courses at convenient training locations, on-demand at a site of your choice, or even online. With SELU, you can achieve superior system performance by investing in a well-trained workforce.

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Course Structure and Delivery
SELU offers instructor-led training in physical classrooms as well as eLearning taken from the convenience of your office or home. Classroom-based courses are scheduled throughout the year in numerous locations. With our on-demand training, we bring courses to a location of your choosing. Some eLearning courses can be taken at your own pace, while others are scheduled and taught live, allowing interaction with both the instructor and fellow professionals in your field.

IACET Accredited Provider
SELU is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). SELU complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. As a result of this accreditation, SELU is accredited to issue the IACET CEU.

Accredited IACET Provider

Customer Testimonials

Our instructors are proven industry leaders. From developing theory and teaching fundamentals to hands-on operation of power system equipment, SEL University instructors have deep experience across the spectrum of protecting power systems. Our industry experts—the same professionals who design SEL equipment and solutions, provide customer-first service, and contribute to the field of knowledge via technical publications, conference presentations, and professional organization leadership—are eager to provide their insight and experience to students. SELU has nearly 200 certified instructors who have taught tens of thousands of industry specialists worldwide.

The following profiles offer examples of the depth and breadth of experience that typify the quality of knowledge and skill that SELU provides through our world-class team of instructors.

Hector Altuve

Dr. Héctor J. Altuve Ferrer,

Dean of SEL University

Dr. Héctor Altuve has traveled many roads in his work supporting the power industry. At every turn, education has been the foundation of Dr. Altuve’s distinguished career. His journey began in Cuba where he earned his BSEE at the Central University of Las Villas in Santa Clara. He served on the faculty of the School of Electrical Engineering at Central University from 1969 until 1993. During this phase of his teaching tenure, Dr. Altuve earned his Ph.D. from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. From 1993 to 2000, he served as professor of the Graduate Doctoral Program in the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León in Monterrey, Mexico. In 1999 and 2000, he was the Schweitzer Visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Washington State University.

Dr. Altuve joined SEL in January 2001 and holds the titles of Distinguished Engineer and Dean of SEL University. Some of his research efforts at SEL include studies covering transformer differential protection, distribution system ground fault detection, and the development of the Alpha Plane element. Dr. Altuve regularly presents technical papers and teaches at seminars at power industry conferences in the United States and abroad. He has authored and coauthored more than 100 technical papers and several books, and he holds four patents. In 2015, Dr. Altuve was named an IEEE Fellow for his contributions to power line and transformer protection.

His students say:
"Dr. Altuve has the rare talent to be able to relate the theoretical to the practical in an easy to understand manner."
"Dr. Altuve was great. His breadth and depth of knowledge is just so impressive."


Demetrios Tziouvaras

Mr. Tziouvaras is a Professor with SEL University. He has over 35 years of expertise in power system protection and control, including 17 years as a Senior Research Engineer at SEL developing advanced protection and control algorithms. Before joining SEL, Demetrios was Principal Protection Engineer at Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco, a company he was with for 18 years. He earned his BSEE from the University of New Mexico and holds an MSEE degree from Santa Clara University.

Demetrios is an IEEE Senior Member, member of the IEEE PES Power Systems Relaying Committee (PSRC), and an executive member of the US National Committee of CIGRE. He received the IEEE PES Prize Paper Award for an IEEE PSRC report in 2011. Demetrios has authored or coauthored more than 60 IEEE and protective relay conference papers, holds four patents, and is co-author of the SEL book, Modern Solutions for Protection, Control, and Monitoring of Electric Power Systems. Two of his more recent papers are “Calculating Intermediate Faults in Underground Cables” and “Protecting Mutually Coupled Transmission Lines: Challenges and Solutions.”

Demetrios served as Chair of an IEEE PSRC working group that developed the IEEE PES tutorial on “EMTP Applications to Power System Protection” and served as a Convenor of CIGRE WG B5.15 that developed a CIGRE Technical Brochure on “Modern Distance Protection Functions and Applications.”

His students say:
"...Always an honor learning from Demetrios..."
"I really appreciate the real-world experience Demetrios brings to the course. His depth of practical knowledge is fantastic!"

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