SEL University

SEL University trains power system engineers, technicians, and managers to meet their immediate and long-term workforce training needs. Our experienced instructors and instructional designers create courses that cover topics ranging from fundamental power system principles to hands-on SEL product application and testing. In addition to expanding students’ knowledge and skills, SEL University offers Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for each course, which helps in maintaining Professional Engineering (P.E.) licenses.

Training Formats

In-Person Courses

Our live, instructor-led courses are scheduled at regular intervals and taught worldwide. If your company needs to train a group of employees, onsite delivery of a specific course can also be arranged at an agreed-upon date.

In addition, if your company needs to train a group of employees on a range of SEL products and/or power system theories, please contact SEL University to discuss course topics and scheduling.

Virtual Courses

Our virtual courses allow you to attend live, instructor-led training from our expert instructors without having to travel.

eLearning Courses

Find a subject relevant to your interests and needs. From there, you can learn online at your own pace from SEL industry experts.

Course Types

In-Person Courses

These live, instructor-led courses allow students to learn directly from the experts in a classroom setting.

  • APP (Application): Application courses build on the skills obtained in fundamentals courses and provide both technicians and engineers with hands-on settings experience. The content typically includes more exercises than theory and is focused on one primary product type.

  • COM (Communications): Communications courses teach technicians and engineers introductory and advanced networking and data communication troubleshooting principles and best practices.

  • PROT (Protection): Protection courses teach technicians and engineers power system protection fundamentals. The content is theory-based and is not SEL product-centric.

  • SYS (System): System courses build on the skills obtained in application and fundamentals courses and provide technicians and engineers with advanced hands-on integration and design experience. The content focuses on multiple product types functioning together.

  • TST (Testing): Testing courses are intended for technicians to help develop the skills needed to test, commission, apply, and troubleshoot SEL products for power system protection solutions.

Virtual Courses

These live, instructor-led courses are scheduled in advance, accessible anywhere via the internet, and delivered via Microsoft Teams.

  • vAPP: These are virtual application courses that combine lecture with hands-on exercises. They may or may not require accessing SEL virtual machines to use SEL products.


These self-paced, online courses allow students to access their learning materials at any place and time via the internet.

  • eAPP: These are online application courses that combine recorded lectures with exercises. Some may also include a live, virtual instruction component and/or use loaned SEL products.

  • eCOM and ePROT: These are online communications and protection courses. Courses with the same number as the in-person class are recorded versions; those with a different number designation are standalone courses.

  • eINTRO: These are introductory courses to SEL products or software.

  • CBT (Computer-Based Training): These are self-paced courses on various topics. Some are available free of charge.

SEL University Instructors

Hector Altuve

Dean of SEL University, Distinguished Engineer

Dr. Héctor J. Altuve is a distinguished engineer and the dean of SEL University. He received his BSEE in 1969 from the Central University of Las Villas in Santa Clara, Cuba, and his PhD in 1981 from Kiev Polytechnic Institute in Kiev, Ukraine.

Rick Bryson

Senior Instructor, Principal Engineer

Rick Bryson is a principal automation engineer and full-time SEL University senior instructor. He obtained his BS in computer science with honors from Texas A&M University and has worked as a firmware and software developer in automation solutions and protocol development for more than 30 years.

Other Instructors

SEL University instructors are SEL engineers and industry experts who are committed to providing high-quality customer education. Located throughout the world, they are knowledgeable about SEL products, technologies, and best practices. Under the supervision of the dean, instructors undertake a rigorous certification process and are continually evaluated based on student feedback.

Contact SEL University

Phone: +1.509.338.4026