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IT-OT Convergence: When One + One = Three

Electric power is critical to people’s lives. We need look no further for an example of this than what happened in Texas in February. Because reliability and security are essential to the power grid, the communication systems—or operational technology (OT)—that connect the control devices that manage electric power systems have historically remained independent of connections to the information technology (IT) side. However, in recent years, the electric power industry has begun to explore how to safely benefit from merging OT and IT. In this episode, Dave Whitehead discusses the topic with Phil O’Reilly, vice president global head of enterprise for Juniper Networks, a leader in the development of IT and networking solutions.

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The Guest

Phil O'Reilly

Phil O'Reilly

VP Global Head of Enterprise, USA, Juniper Networks

In this role Phil drives world-wide integration of all routes-to-market for Juniper’s networking and security solutions. He has created a seamless program that maximizes customer impact and resource efficiency while maintaining alignment with sales and product strategies.

Phil has held executive management positions in several Fortune 1000 internet technology companies in the past twenty years as well as executive roles in multiple companies in the manufacturing and technology verticals. He returns to Juniper Networks where he had previously been Senior VP of Sales for the Americas and US Federal Sales. Other senior roles included responsibility for worldwide sales and support organizations at Extreme and Brocade Networks and CEO of Solunet, a large value-added reseller in the service provider, public sector and international markets.

He has a J.D. from Western New England College School of Law and an MBA from Penn State University.  He also served as a Professor of Organizational Design, Communications and International Business in the Penn State MBA program for two years.  He hails from South Carolina and is a military trained commercial pilot, a certified flight instructor and is very active in Search and Rescue activities as a Major in the Civil Air Patrol.