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Protection System

The SEL-351S Protection System offers comprehensive feeder and overcurrent protection perfect for industrial and utility feeder applications. Enhance your quality of service with lower costs and innovative features, like Mirrored Bits communications, IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors, expanded operator controls, and SEL's Best Choice Ground Directional Element logic.

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Complete Distribution System Protection—Apply a comprehensive mix of overcurrent functions for sensitive protection from phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground faults, and achieve fast operation for three-phase faults.

Reclosing Control—Program the relay four-shot autoreclosing function with synchronism and voltage check logic to mimic a variety of reclosing practices. Sequence coordination logic coordinates with downstream reclosers for a complete protection scheme.

Fast Substation Restoration—Commission automatic substation restoration schemes using programmable user interface controls and Mirrored Bits communications in conjunction with the SEL-2100 Logic Processor.

Reliable Breaker Control—Open or close the circuit breaker manually with the optional SafeLock trip/close pushbuttons, which provide direct control of the breaker independent of the relay.

  • Integrate and automate substation equipment, even devices from multiple vendors, with IEC 61850 communications protocol.
  • Replace older electromechanical relay schemes, control switches, and metering devices in outdoor breaker control enclosures.
  • Commission automatic substation restoration schemes using programmable user interface controls and Mirrored Bits communications.
  • Use the programmable control logic and integration features with a communications link for control and protection of remote substations.
  • Selectively coordinate with downstream SEL-351R Recloser Controls (applied on circuit reclosers) using a Mirrored Bits communications link for secure, high-speed fault clearing on distribution circuits and industrial cogeneration facilities.
  • Dispatch line crews to quickly isolate overhead line problems, and restore service faster using a built-in fault locator, as compared to patrolling the line.
  • Schedule circuit breaker maintenance based on need, as determined from breaker-monitoring data and alarms.
  • Analyze overcurrent protection system performance using built-in Sequential Events Recorder (SER) data.


351S Front351S Back
  • IEC 61850 communications protocol.
  • Front-panel USB communications port.
  • SafeLock independent trip/close pushbuttons.
  • Dual copper, single or dual fiber-optic Ethernet ports.
  • EIA-485 serial port.
  • Mirrored Bits communications and load profiling.
  • Additional inputs and standard or high-current interrupting contact outputs.
  • Low-range neutral current input channel for nondirectional sensitive earth fault (SEF) applications.
  • Low-range neutral current channel for directional control for Petersen coil-grounded, high-impedance-grounded, or ungrounded power systems.
  • Power elements and voltage sag/swell/interruption records.
  • User-configurable labels for operator controls and target LEDs.
  • Conformal coating: Protects equipment from harsh environments and airborne contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, salt, and moisture.


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