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CBT 351: Introduction to SEL-351 Relays

Single-User Training

Course Base Fees: $USD0

Average Completion: 4 hours


This course is intended for protection engineers and/or technicians.

Complete training when you want, where you want, without travel time or expenses. CBT 351 is a computer-based course offering out-of-the-box instruction, enabling you to successfully implement, operate, and communicate with SEL-351/S Relays.

CBT 351 is designed as a half-day program but is self-paced.


  • Getting Started
  • Front- and Rear-Panel Navigation
  • Setting the SEL-351 Relay
  • Programming the Relay
  • Loading Settings
  • Event Reporting
  • Communications
  • Knowledge Check

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, students can:

  • Properly configure relay current and voltage inputs and contact outputs
  • Simulate SEL-351 front-panel operation using pushbuttons and the LCD display, and interpret the front-panel LEDs
  • Determine relay settings for phase and ground overcurrent protection, load-shedding, and cold load pickup schemes
  • Program SELogic control equations and interpret logic diagrams for customized protection logic
  • Enter settings using acSELerator QuickSet SEL-5030 Software
  • Retrieve event data for post-fault analysis
  • Diagnose problems using meter data and the Sequential Events Recorder
  • Identify some of the industry-standard protocols used to communicate with the relay

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Course Requirements


Students should have a basic knowledge of power systems.

Course Preparation

Check the General Course Information page for course preparation details.