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Wind Power

SEL products and solutions can protect Type I, II, III, and IV wind turbines and collectors and provide the secure communications needed to synchronize, protect, and control networked generation.

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An SEL solution can help you meet the highest standards for reliability and security—while also reducing the lifetime cost of ownership.

SEL solutions are ideal for:

  • Comprehensive protection for generators and collectors.
  • Secure communications for generator networking and control.
  • Accurate fault indication and location—resolve collector cable faults and return turbines to production faster.
  • Protection and control of capacitors for reactive power support.
  • Automation, annunciation, precise time, and equipment monitoring for the entire facility.

Equipment Protection


SEL-700GW Generator Protection Relay

An SEL-700G series relay configured especially for wind generation applications with two sets of overcurrent elements for dual-feeder protection. The SEL-700GW offers complete generator protection with flexible I/O, advanced communications capabilities, and an optional autosynchronizer function.


SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control

A turnkey point of common coupling (PCC) solution. One low-cost device controls your utility interconnection with IEEE 1547-2018 protection and synchronization. SEL’s innovative fast islanding detection ensures safety on both sides of the intertie point.


SEL-487V Capacitor Protection and Control System

The versatile SEL-487V, with application-specific settings, is ready for your capacitor bank applications. Its real-time control system uses synchrophasor data, an IEC 60255-149-compliant thermal model, and advanced logic to eliminate the need for additional devices.

Monitoring, Control, and Integration


SEL-735 Power Quality and Revenue Meter

Optimize your system by analyzing data, identifying usage trends, and diagnosing system problems.

  • Measure and report power quality indicators.
  • Meter revenue over a wide current range.
  • Log voltage sag, swell, and interruption (VSSI).
  • Capture rate-based demand and energy consumption, and apply time-of-use metering.
  • Capture waveforms and trigger records.

SEL-2240 Axion

Remote data acquisition in a rugged, modular platform. Choose versions with 4 or 10 slots, and mix and match the modules to fit your application. Each Axion becomes a node in your distributed generation network, sending deterministic fiber-optic communications to a relay or automation controller.


SEL-2488 Satellite-Synchronized Network Clock

Receive Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) time signals, and distribute precise time via multiple output protocols, including IRIG-B and the Network Time Protocol (NTP).


SEL-2523 Annunciator Panel

Annunciation of alarms and system events—plus programmable logic, communications support, a Sequence of Events  recorder, and a software HMI.


SEL-3555 Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC)

Our most powerful automation controller—ideal for automation and integration of generation systems, both large and small.

3360 Family


A hardened computing platform with error-correcting code (ECC) memory technology and no moving parts, the SEL-3360 is tested to the same standards as our protective relays and has ten times the mean time between failures (MTBF) of typical industrial computers.

Communications and Cybersecurity

SEL communications solutions help ensure that your communications networks are reliable, cybersecure, and compliant with NERC CIP auditing requirements.


SEL-2740S Software-Defined Network Switch

The industry’s first field-hardened software-defined networking (SDN)-enabled switch. Centralized, software-controlled traffic engineering puts you in control of your communications flows and helps secure the cyber and physical interfaces.

  • Network security—control exactly what is allowed on your network, and eliminate attack-prone networking features.
  • Centralized network management and log collection.
  • NERC CIP data collection (with the SEL-5056 Software-Defined Network Flow Controller and the SEL Flow Auditor application).
  • Synchronized time over LAN.
  • Substation deployment—suitable for harsh environments.

SEL ICON Integrated Communications Optical Network

A wide-area networking multiplexer optimized for utility and industrial applications. The ICON is configurable for SONET or Ethernet transport. It is also ideal for migrating legacy network technologies to a converged network solution.


SEL-2730M Managed 24-Port Ethernet Switch

Provide Ethernet connectivity and secure network management for SCADA, engineering access, and control.


SEL-3620 Ethernet Security Gateway

A router, VPN endpoint, and firewall device, the SEL-3620 provides enhanced security for your control systems and critical cyber assets. It supports NERC CIP compliance efforts without needing Technical Feasibility Exceptions (TFEs).

Products and Service You Can Rely On

SEL products are designed and manufactured for the world’s most challenging environments, exceeding all industry standards for temperature, shock, and electric stress. An optional conformal coating for circuit boards adds an extra level of protection against contaminants in extreme environments.

Every SEL product comes with a ten-year warranty—the best in the industry. If any product fails under warranty, we’ll repair or replace it for free.

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We’re happy to answer all your questions and help develop the best solution for your needs.

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Unbeatable Support

SEL support teams are stationed in regional offices around the world and staffed with application engineers who are experts in our products and in power system applications.

Technical support for SEL-manufactured devices is always free. No matter how often you need to call or how long your SEL products have been in service, you’ll reach an SEL expert who can provide the service and support you need.

Our cybersecurity team is always ready with the information and resources needed to keep your OT networks and critical systems secure and working effectively. Cyber services support contracts can include incident response, audits, system hardening, and more, depending on your anticipated needs.