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Water and Wastewater

Advanced Power Management Solutions

Water and Wastewater

SEL power protection solutions substantially improve plant uptime by proactively detecting anomalies in electrical systems and components before extensive damage occurs. SEL protects feeders from catastrophic arc-flash events, extends the life of pump and blower motors by employing thermal models that reduce stress to equipment. Additionally, our power quality and revenue class meters help reduce energy bills while providing power quality data that reduces troubleshooting times and visualizes the health of your power system.  

After the project SEL continues to support our products for as long as they are in service through application engineers in your region that have field experience and the know-how to get the most from your system, at no charge

Whether it is a retrofit to upgrade existing systems, power system study, arc-flash mitigation, automation, or a complete power management system, SEL's internationally recognized engineering services has the depth and breadth of experience to provide simple, elegant solutions, including many of the world’s most complex and expensive power systems. 

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Customer Focus

SEL provides innovative, technologically advanced asset protection and power management solutions in many complex water and wastewater systems, including:

  • California Department of Water Resources, USA
  • Consórcio Sanear Paraíba, Brazil
  • Changzhou Lihe Water Plant, China
  • Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Saudi Arabia
  • Middlesex County Utilities Authority, USA
  • CEA del Estado de Baja California, Mexico
  • City of Toledo, USA
  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, USA
  • Tarrant Regional Water District, USA
  • Los Angeles Department of Water & Power


Power Management Solutions

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Power Management Solutions

SEL Engineering Services—Innovative, High-Quality Solutions

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SEL Engineering Services—Innovative, High-Quality Solutions

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