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Feeder Protection

World-Class Feeder Protection

Feeder Protection

Protect radial and looped distribution circuits with comprehensive protection capabilities, including time-overcurrent, directional overcurrent, over-/undervoltage, and frequency. Apply SEL feeder protection products to provide protection, automation, and control capabilities, all in one package. Upgrade to an SEL world-class protection system today, and be confident that your industrial feeder system will be working tomorrow.

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Advantages of SEL Feeder Protection

  • SEL products lead the industry with the highest MTBF (over 500 years).
  • Ten-year, no hassle warranty.
  • Improve safety and prevent damage with ultrafast fiber optic arc-flash detection and mitigation technology (optional).
  • Flexible communication protocol options, including Ethernet, serial, Mirrored Bits communications, and IEC 61850.
  • Pre-fabricated bezel options for quick retrofitting.

Feeder Protection Product Comparison

Related Solutions and Services


SEL-751A Feeder Protection Relay

The SEL-751A offers industrial and utility feeder protection with flexible I/O options, easy retrofit, and fast setup and configuration. It provides complete feeder protection with overcurrent, voltage, and frequency elements. In addition, the SEL-751A remediates arc-flash hazards with arc-flash detection.

751 LDM

SEL-751 Feeder Protection Relay

The SEL-751 is ideal for directional overcurrent, fault location, arc-flash detection, and high-impedance fault detection applications. Flexible I/O options, easy mounting, and fast settings make the SEL-751 the right solution for industrial and utility feeder protection.


SEL-451 Protection, Automation, and Bay Control System

Quickly integrate bay control status and control for breakers and disconnect switches with full automation and protection in one device. With its advanced synchrophasor measurement, the SEL-451 provides system stability awareness. Choose between Ethernet and serial communications ports with DNP3 and IEC 61850 protocols.


SEL-351 Protection System

The SEL-351 has built-in Ethernet and IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors, and is ideal for directional overcurrent applications. Optional Mirrored Bits communications and power quality monitoring add flexibility to solutions. The SEL-351 is the protection standard for utility and industrial electrical systems around the world.


SEL-351A Protection System

The SEL-351A has built-in Ethernet and IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors, and is the economical solution for overcurrent protection. Easy-to-use feeder protection and innovative features like SEL’s Best Choice Ground Directional Element logic and SELogic control equations provide superior protection on utility and industrial power systems.


SEL-351S Protection System

The SEL-351S is for industrial and utility feeder protection. Provide wide-area system stability awareness with IEEE C37.118 synchrophasors. Simplify communications with built-in Ethernet. Large, easy-to-use operator controls and optional independent SafeLock trip/close pushbuttons enhance operation and simplify panels. Protect system performance with high-accuracy metering, over- and underfrequency elements, and directional elements with SEL’s Best Choice Ground Directional Element logic.


SEL-501 Dual Universal Overcurrent Relay

Simplify protection in two-high switchgear with two independent sets of protection elements in one compact relay.


SEL-551 Overcurrent /Reclosing Relay

The SEL-551 replaces the relays, control switches, and wiring required in traditional distribution substation protection and control panels. The relay also replaces line recloser control packages at a fraction of the cost.


SEL-551C Overcurrent /Reclosing Relay

The SEL-551C combines overcurrent protection, built-in I/O, enhanced communications features, and multiple-shot reclosing in one compact relay. The relay is great for industrial, commercial, and utility, primary or secondary overcurrent protection.