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This technology detects overcurrent faults on overhead and underground lines to speed up power restoration and enhance protection.

Overhead Fault Location

Overhead faulted circuit indicators include easy-to-spot displays to help direct line crews to the faulted line sections—enabling faster restoration of power and improved customer uptime.

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Overhead Enhanced Protection

These products enhance distribution protection by helping relays make better tripping and reclosing decisions based on the location of a fault.

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Underground Fault Location

Underground faulted circuit indicators identify the faulted cable section—without a time-consuming re-fuse and sectionalize process. Applications include subsurface or pad-mounted transformers, switchgear, sectionalizing cabinets, junction boxes, and splices.

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Current Transformers

SEL-CTs are designed for applications where it is difficult or uneconomical to open the primary conductor to install a solid-core-type current transformer. 

Tools and Accessories

SEL offers a variety of sensors that can improve distribution system understanding and troubleshooting. We also offer tools for testing and resetting faulted circuit indicators.

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