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Fault and Load Transmitter and Receiver System

Apply the SEL-FLT & SEL-FLR Fault and Load Transmitter and Receiver System to improve distribution system reliability metrics and customer satisfaction. The SEL-FLT Fault and Load Transmitter operates using 900 MHz wireless sensors that continuously monitor the line for faults while providing load data with 2 percent accuracy to the SEL-FLR Fault and Load Receiver, with a range of up to 10 miles. Speed up system restoration by pinpointing faults and knowing where to send repair crews. Accurate and real-time load monitoring enables improved switching decisions, since operators confidently know which viable alternate feeders are available to pick up the impacted customers.

The system is designed to be easy to deploy, maintain, and expand. Easily integrate the system into communications networks, and send information into an existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system or distribution management system (DMS). Provide operators or engineers information that they can use for improving operations or future system planning. Delivering key information from your distribution grid, the system enables you to find faults faster and predict future issues. Deploy the SEL Fault and Load Transmitter and Receiver System, and accelerate system restoration.

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Find Rep By Location

Find Faults Fast—Deploy as many as 192 SEL-FLT Transmitters up to 10 miles from the SEL-FLR Receiver. Send crews directly to problem areas, and restore service faster. Finding faults faster improves operational costs and reliability metrics.

Monitor Loads—Accurately measure load currents to gain insight into your distribution system. Load measurements help operators make informed switching decisions when restoring power to customers using an alternate feeder. Use the most recent load information to aid in system planning, down to individual laterals.

SEL-FLT and SEL-FLR Fault and Load Transmitter and Receiver System


Restore Power Sooner
Identify faults quickly and efficiently through accurate system monitoring. The system is well-suited for dense applications, with support for up to 192 SEL-FLT Transmitters per SEL-FLR Receiver. This ability to gather data quickly can accelerate restoration times by eliminating the need to drive along large sections of the distribution circuit to locate a fault. Instead, you can send crews directly to the faulted section.

Extend Reporting and Monitoring
Support your entire overhead distribution grid with one flexible sensing solution that can be used for multiple applications. Load reports are provided in five-minute intervals and have 2 percent accuracy. Ensure system-wide operation, down to the last mile, through line-powered transmitters (operating from as little as 2.5 A) with battery backup.

Reduce Operation and Maintenance Costs
Line-powered SEL-FLT Transmitters extend the operating life. There is no required maintenance over the life of the system. The system can easily be integrated into existing distribution or outage management systems without the need for costly new software. Wireless monitoring and reporting minimizes costly fault patrols and accelerates restoration.

Deploy With Ease
Using the 900 MHz ISM band allows the system to be deployed quickly and easily with no licensing issues or monthly service charges. Because the system communicates via standard protocols, information can be backhauled via existing communications networks and infrastructure. The web-based user interface makes configuration straightforward and intuitive. The lightweight SEL-FLT can easily be installed using a hot stick.

AutoRANGER Fault Detection
The SEL-FLT auto-adjusts the trip-level selection by dynamically optimizing sensitivity and security based on load measurements. The SEL-FLT can detect faults with as little as 50 A of current when loads are light and can step its trip threshold up to 1600 A when loads are heavy.

Highly Visible 360-Degree LED Display
The SEL-FLT is easily seen by line crews during all lighting conditions with SEL’s high-visibility LED display technology. The SEL-FLT displays are visible for up to 100 meters (328 feet) during the day and 200 meters (656 feet) at night. Highly visible and energy-efficient, the LED display operates for up to eight hours after the fault.

Meets IEEE 495-2007
Designed and tested to operate in harsh environmental field conditions for more than ten years, the SEL-FLT withstands inclement weather conditions without compromising performance.



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