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    Engineering Services

    Complete Engineering Services and Solutions for Electric Power Systems

    Engineering Services

    SEL engineers are the industry experts, with experience in electric utility transmission and distribution protection and control, industrial power system management, integration of distributed energy sources, and cybersecurity best practices.

    SEL Engineering Services (ES) provides complete protection, automation, communications, and metering solutions for critical electrical infrastructure worldwide. SEL brings industry-experienced engineers to every project for the best possible solution. SEL fills a growing need in the electric power industry as companies deal with the impacts of smaller engineering staffs and increasingly complex requirements.

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    Service Offerings


    Protection Services

    Licensed SEL protection experts provide protection design, settings, testing, commissioning, and more.


    Automation Services

    SEL provides integration and automation experts for electrical power systems worldwide. 


    powerMAX Control Systems

    SEL offers complete electrical control systems for blackout prevention, microgrids, industrial plants, and utility electric power systems.


    Consulting Services

    SEL power system experts provide system design, site assessments, root cause investigation, expert witness support, and more.


    System Modeling

    SEL offers hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing services, feasibility studies, coordination reports, system stability assessments, and more.



    Microgrid controls and protection systems prevent blackouts, reduce energy consumption, and protect humans and equipment.


    Substation Engineering Services

    SEL provides comprehensive solutions for power and substation design projects. Our professional teams have decades of experience and can provide everything from initial cost estimates to a completed substation. 


    Security Services

    SEL cybersecurity services help customers assess, support, and develop control system security infrastructure. Our services support NERC CIP standards as well as other security standards and regulations. SEL personnel have multidisciplinary experience in substations, control systems, and information security and maintain multiple industry security certifications. 


    SEL Engineering Services—Innovative, High-Quality Solutions

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    SEL Engineering Services—Innovative, High-Quality Solutions

    Industries Served

    • Commercial Buildings
    • Consumer Products
    • Education
    • Utilities
    • Electronics
    • Food and Beverage
    • Healthcare
    • Life Sciences
    • Metals and Mining
    • Mission-Critical Facilities
    • Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical
    • Power Generation
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Renewable Energy
    • Transportation
    • Water and Wastewater



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