Distribution Automation Control

SEL Engineering Services provides distribution automation control solutions that improve reliability metrics, reduce customer outages, and provide rapid fault detection and system restoration—and are custom-engineered to your operational requirements.

SEL offers both a software-based fault location, isolation, and service restoration (FLISR) solution and a custom-engineered solution, in which the primary deliverable is a fully configured and commissioned SEL distribution automation controller (DAC)—an autonomous device which uses secure communications to control and coordinate with devices throughout the system.

With distribution automation engineered by SEL, you can:

  • Prevent outages—Isolate faulted sections and quickly restore power to the rest of the distribution grid.
  • Improve reliability—Improve your system’s CAIDI (Customer Average Interruption Duration Index) and SAIDI (System Average Interruption Duration Index) metrics.
  • Save time and money—SEL automation controllers can collect advanced data from IEDs throughout the system, enabling predictive maintenance and preventing costly equipment failures.

FLISR on Blueframe

FLISR on Blueframe is SEL’s latest solution for fault location, isolation, and service restoration.

This distribution automation software allows users to configure, test, and deploy systems that minimize customer outages by automatically isolating permanent faults and rerouting power around the affected sections.

It offers unparalleled transparency and ease of use. Feeders can be configured in minutes, and existing feeders remain operational as new feeders are added to the FLISR system.

SEL Engineering Services is available to help implement the Blueframe application platform and evaluate your system, if desired.

Custom-Engineered Automation Solutions

SEL Engineering Services provides turnkey automation solutions that are engineered to provide the specific functionalities you need and achieve your operational goals.

The core of each DAC solution is an SEL Real-Time Automation Controller (RTAC) with control logic that is configured by our engineers to coordinate with and control devices throughout your system.

We can design and implement a broad set of functionalities or a subset that addresses your specific needs. Our scalable, modular approach to distribution automation allows you to add new capabilities as the demands on your system change over time.

The automation system will be fully integrated with the IEDs already in your system—and we can also provide protective relays, recloser controls, secure communications, and other equipment as part of the solution, depending on your needs.

In addition to fault location and automatic network restoration, the DAC can:

  • Automatically collect data from devices, including metering, monitoring, and diagnostics.
  • Integrate with SCADA or an advanced distribution management system (ADMS).
  • Use acSELerator Team SEL-5045 Software to enable dynamic disturbance and fault recording (DFR) capability that exceeds NERC PRC-002-2 requirements.
  • Provide secure remote access to devices and system controls.

Our Support

Products You Can Rely On

SEL manufactures the electric power industry’s most durable and reliable devices.

Our products are designed to withstand the world’s most challenging environments, exceeding all industry standards for temperature, shock, and electric stress. An optional conformal coating for electronic components adds extra protection against contaminants in extreme environments.

Every SEL product comes with a ten-year warranty—the best in the industry. If any product fails under warranty, we’ll repair or replace it for free.

Unbeatable Support

When you choose SEL, you get more than products and services—you get a partnership. Our customer support teams are experts in power system products and applications, and they’re available for the entire life of your SEL solution.

Engineering Services project engineers are ready to assist you in various project stages from planning through final commissioning of the system. Afterward, you have access to technical support from SEL application engineers, at no charge, as long as SEL products remain in service.

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An SEL representative will follow up with you directly. We’re happy to answer all your questions and help you find the best solution for your needs.